Be There


It’s so important to ‘be there’ when capturing things that we desire. The more interesting the things are, the more likely the captures would result into something cool. I’m a seeker of those interesting enough things. It’s a mind game to play. To find the extraordinary out of the ordinary is difficult already. And the ability to not temper it, is a true art.

When looking at photographs that made by a great photographer, you often see the mind behind what’s he/she has done. You want to know how on earth did he/she get the shot. There’s no better secret to just ‘be there’. Standing at a developing scene, is just as a news photojournalist doing their work. It’s luck (by chance), patience (Time spent) and dedication (love of photography).

Another season of political talk show (by Mathias Woo) that I follow is back, the duration of my evening shoots would be affected. I hope I could resume my shoots during the day when possible. After this upload, I’d start from scratch again. I want new materials. I desperately need trips to the rural side. I’m too overwhelmed by anything in the urban lately.

Clearance last day


Gold fish




Versions of Trolley

Dragon  Dragon

Setting up the lanterns

Last round of battle

Missing owner

The piling edibles

The students

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