The Repeating Nothingness

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It’s a let down when I titled my post with this phrase. Having difficulty in concentrating to my photography after work for one. I absolutely failed to even convince myself to go out on the weekend just to enjoy the sun. It’s so essential for man to stand on the earth, feel the breeze and let the sun shine upon us. At some point, I felt man is solar powered. Well, past is past. I can’t make up what’s already behind me. What I’ve missed is not relevant since I’ve not experience any of it.


My unusual shift on the weekend offered me a chance to travel to Tseung Kwan O once again. It’s one of those places I’d not ever visit unless work or meeting friends. I’ve previously typed a breakdown. The lack of signature landmark, lack of historic remains, lack of reasons to bring anyone but the only residents to there. At least not me…

I brought up my childhood memory to my older colleagues. It all started the convenient store/pharmacy called Watson’s right opposite I worked last weekend. It used to me one of my (my generation) few go-to sellers for toys and board games. It’s a place where I could find Lego, cartoon figures, MB board games and more, besides the Toys’ R Us which is not available near me or for most people (there were less than 5 outlets). Watson’s was almost everywhere in Hong Kong, it was the most accessible place for me to get toys during my childhood. Times changes everything, it’s now nothing but a convenient store/pharmacy. It’s their business decision I understood that. My question quickly raised was, how do the kids get their toys these days?

The rent is so much problem for those doing business that count on cheap rents, includes toys stores, stationery stores. Some years later, businesses like these are facing distinction or extermination whichever you’d like to call it. Of course, it’s up to our society to decide if it’s still needed. Who’s still using a pager now?

All these years, I’d been wondering why the older generation loves to speak about their past. It’s a way to communicate back to their like minded audience, or it’s a great way to connect to anyone. I totally understood, and I’m already comparing my past to now.

My work stay in Tsueng Kwan O in the weekend gave me a significant impression on their zero creativity and repetitiveness in town. Anywhere I see is just simply nothing but the same nothingness. The streets are just too tidy, there’s nothing but intersections. Not a single shop is visible on the curb side as all the shops have brought up to the malls. What’s in a mall are the same-o familiar franchises and escalators. And when you look outside of a shopping mall, it’s the public housing and roads. Perhaps not everyone would see it this way, it’s just my impression. Or am I just expecting the out of the ordinary?

Repeating mirror


Dog Teeth

Between the wall, back to back

Shopping mall

2 thoughts on “The Repeating Nothingness

  1. I always wonder how many shopping centres does Hong Kong need. I mean it’s the same shops selling the same products over and over again and seems like no escape.

    1. It brings convenience to people, which is a huge factor when buying an apartment for either living or investment. Shopping mall needs tenants and tenants wants sales/profit..The game started all, we just have to stick with it. Unless there’s a good enough reason to visit such place, or I’d not ever go to places like these.

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