The City Competitiveness


I had a Korn concert marathon on youtube and learned about the band had a gig recently in (China) Shanghai the first time. I always wondered why among all the great asian cities, Hong Kong was almost never considered as a destination for bands/artists when tour. Some of their must stops are Seoul, Tokyo, Jakata and even Manilla. This question had been running through my head since I was a kid. Reason being not enough of fans was one of the first few things I could think of. Until last year, the Red Hot Chili Peppers toured Hong Kong. There were actually plenty of concert goers. Not enough of fans was never an excuse. Korn in Shanghai was never a coincidence, It was a music event that they invited bands like Limp Bizkit (first time in China), Jamiroquai, Neil Young for performance. And the best part is, there’s no censoring. They could f- all they wanted.

Fortunately enough, I went to see Korn in concert when I was in the US. It fulfilled one of my dreams back then (I did not dream big…). Seeing my favorite bands was never an issue. Whereas here, I feel like a tied bird. Perhaps Hong Kong is just too small and does not really ring people’s bell. Really? Remember Batman skid down from the tallest building in Hong Kong. Rome/Han spoke about Macao and Hong Kong in the Fast 6 movie. It would never make it into their scripts if we’re not anything at all. I think we have some presence in the western world.

It’s not important of how people look at us. What’s more important to know how we see the world. I could totally see all the surrounding asian cities running ahead of us in every way. There’s even F1 Grand Prix in Shanghai and more recently Singapore. I think it is this kind of (event hosting) acts that people would remember about the city. Hong Kong, we label ourselves as the Asia World City. What is it really about?

We often debate about the competitiveness in the region. It’s not something that one or two person could achieve. It is a standard, a trend. We need to widen our scoop and see what’s ahead. Sadly, what’s set is set. We could only hope for the best for our future generations and the prospective plans from our government.

Walking in the dark

Lit up

Somebody's dinner.

The Mexican hat

Looking to meet

Fan man

Dried fish head

Between work


Smoke break

Outside of a restaurant


Central district

Lean over the edge

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