Planting the Seed


The two tallest

I realize the power of spokesperson on brands on the recent months. Gigantic ads that contain a celebrity more than the actual product. The ads are flying around in the city, on buses, trams, subway or anywhere that catches your attention. TV Media takes control of much of our buying habits, if not it has a huge influence at least. Consumer weights the celebrity more than the product itself. That is when a few main bakeries try to advertise for their moon cake products, which would you really choose? Chi Lam, Chan Ho, Chi Wai? On a given night, I could see a rarely seen high profile actor/singer Chi Lam on 3-4 different TV commercials. His return to the monopolistic Hong Kong TV channel (TVB) had earned himself some Ad time, thanks to the role he plays on a drama. You can see his micro movie that advertise the Georgian Coffee here. I actually enjoyed it! And days before it released, I received a free sample can on the street.

Living in the city, I have to live with all the Ads and be my own judge. I think Ads are seeds planting in your head, It’s him or her that you remember represents the brand. The more we are exposed to it, the more it grows on you.


Tiger print

Night out dolls


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