The Ritual, The Big Picture



There’s always certain impulsion allures us to get photos taken on a given opportunity. Just like how you’d act when you see a celebrity appears on a public function. Rather than shooting unrelated single photos, It’s good to keep yourself in check if any of the photos can somehow relate to each other. Even if they’re not entirely related, do not be discouraged or stress out; you just have to find out why you photographed a certain things, people, scenes, etc. Understand your own reasoning behind those photographs is what photographer got to do. You’re your own editor, your own curator. Be human and think about just about anything. Perhaps it’s your psychological walkabout or it can be just as simple as a journal of your own.

Circling around the ideas on some of the photographs you have already taken, It can increase the chance of cohesiveness on them. it’s similar to the idea of picking out a subject you intend to shoot for.


Don’t be too harsh on the deadline, especially when you do not have a boss tell you what to do. Take advantage of your own freedom to complete what your think is deemed necessary. You may get photographs you like right on the spot in a day, think about the same ‘right on the spot’ scenario occurs over time. Trial and error is good experiment on how capable one can be. What I like about this idea is that you can fail 100 times and get it right on the next attempt, that is if you’re committed. Prepare for the worst! Even you’re motivated, there could just be nothing interesting at all on the street.

Abandoned Hospital

Stay in control and have faith. I do not go against participate in photo contests. It’s a fact that 9 out of 10 times it’d result in discouragement. You’d question why you did not make it to the top 10 qualifiers. The real question is not how good/bad you’re, it’s how you see the ‘Big Picture’ yourself. The judge panels/critiques may offer you insights on what you may try to improve on if you’re (qualified) good enough. In most cases, they would not give you a second look on your photos. Unless you’re who and who’s or some big shots’ apprentice, otherwise they’re not obligate to embrace your style and elevate your work. It’s a self-pitying sad truth.


We are animals. We are nothing more than a mammal with smarter brains. Reward yourself accordingly after accomplishing anything like how to teach your pets. It can be as simple as a cup of latte. Believe or not, I did treat myself an awesome green tea latte on every trip after shooting my last project. I see it as a ritual and use it as a bait. Or even give yourself some ‘feel good effect’ by dressing yourself up, casually.

Cluttered blocks

The ‘Big Picture’ is really how you see your own photography which I believe It’s constantly evolving. Once you have it, the rest are just the icing on a cake!

Through the window

Photos were taken with my phone during my last project in Cheung Chau (except first #1). They were kept on my phone along with my post: The ‘Nobody’.

Photo #1 is a an offering to one of the gods that protects properties. A ritual to do during the Ghost Festival.

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