After the Interlude Break


Stylish person

I’m really back to myself and the reality. Long story short, my day work had dominated the entire past week not any merit was given (not that I wanted). I got zero time to hang out with my camera. It’s why I wanted to finish my project: The Island Getaway. I used my busy schedule as a break to hopefully re-gain my senses on the street. Frankly, I’m not concerned about how am I going to start again. I’m more into how am I going to get my grasp back.

Life goes on

Dynasty person

This would be a perfect opportunity to see how myself orient back to the shooting mode. It’s really more than just having a camera in my hand. If the mind and concentration are both absent, the output can be disastrous. Only if I’m thinking my body is tired and my mind is exhausted, it prevents me from walking far.


After hour people

Way back

There’s no way but just act, just stay committed again, just get fascinated! Experience life!

Photos were taken before the break while I was finishing up my project.

2 thoughts on “After the Interlude Break

  1. #3 tells a lot. Very much space to think about a story. The heat, someone working and someone taking the picture, working as well but taking the picture taking as a pause.

    1. Thanks KUM. I was more into the scene how it plays out. The light contrast, the catch (dynasty hat, only appear in front of movie/tv screen), the anticipated look from the ladies behind. But you’re right when thinking your way.

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