The Soloist


Question: How do I feel about being an ‘amateur’ photographer?

Answer: It’s just being myself. I don’t have to compare. I don’t really have a strict time schedule besides updating my photoblog in regular basis. If I fail on some images, it’s understandable? I’m the one man band, the soloist. I can never expect anything. Satisfaction comes from yourself, comes from anyone who’s actually interested in your photos and follow the updates once in while. 

Take the side

I’m wholeheartedly agreed with the metaphor and movement that the Inspired Eye Magazine (Founders: Olivier DuongDon Springer) carries. There’re just a lot going on other than the professional photographers. And there’re many amateur photographers out there that worth your time checking out. I just did myself a Q&A to keep myself in sync.

Young vs Old


Going under


When I look back in my archive, I see many amateur photos. There’s so little hope but to keep going that dark tunnel until I saw the light. This feeling is still there in me, reminding myself to look forward no matter what it brings me. While everyone’s very clear with their career path in my age, I’m still baring a huge question mark above me. A bachelor degree in B.A. does not justify what lies ahead of me. Photography is something that keeps me very focused in my daily life. As others might call it – an addiction, I do not disagree however I prefer calling it ‘devotion’. It’s a very religious activity to urge yourself go capture. I like saying to myself ‘One good photo a day is plenty’, also as a way to comfort myself when not encountering interesting things. If you have one good photo a day, that’s 365 photos a year; that sounds plenty to me.

Reading paper



Without considering the pros, there’re countless amateur photographers out there. And I must say many I have seen shoots like a pro, process photos like a pro, everything’s done can be more professional than a real professional. It’s silly to compare. If they got the crown, that’s fine. That cannot deny my existence and stop me from walking my own path. After all, photography is a very personal, intimate activity.



Fallen leaves


I don’t think there’s a ‘who knows what it brings me’ in the equation I’d been setting up. But I’m still open to it. Every photographer has a pair of eyes!




Signs  Shadow

I’m still the soloist.

8 thoughts on “The Soloist

  1. Alan,
    Hopefully the time comes to each of us that we realize our worth in what we do, what we say. If you are not sure of that value yet for yourself, rest assured that many of those around you realize your worth.

    I know I do…..thanks for the props.

    1. Thank you, Don. I think sharing is what I want to do here. Sharing not only photos but thoughts, in simple words the best I can. I may not be a professional, but I think there’re many out there are on the unconventional photographers’ path already. All the best to the magazine!~

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