Wrong Signal


Weather is one of the main factors that photographers concern the most on a shooting day. Not entirely because of the precaution needs to be done to protect your precious gear, not because of the slower shutter speed and higher iso settings that may degrade images; It is the wrong psychological signal sent to your mind that poor weather (strictly speaking heavy rain) keeps you from being active. As a normal sane person, who wants to go out when raining? It just ruin the mood.



Key to new home  Water bottle

Many have stated photographs shot in the rain turned out to be some of their favorites. I concur. It’s the determination that drives you to work harder, to get something done on a day that you’re not supposed to be shooting.

Cats and Dogs

Gothic cat

Ladies in the rain


Fallen leaf  Gate

To me what I see about the weather affects me is also the same as how it affects the others in their environment. It’s a realistic way to observe how people react to the mother nature. Therefore in rain, It’s an honest way to capture the lives that are surrounding us. I would only do it once in a while (of course when motivated enough to get yourself wet!)

Are you ready to get wet?

7 thoughts on “Wrong Signal

  1. I do hate being out in the rain and getting wet I must say. These photos are lovely – well done for braving the inconvenience and no doubt a more difficult photography session, with the extra concern for your equipment!
    I love the colours and reflections that have resulted. There is definitely a special quality that is not present in dry weather. People are also interesting in the rain. I guess there were slightly less people out and about too, everyone trying to hide indoors as much as possible – there is something calming about rain even though it’s not comfortable to be out in 🙂

    1. Thanks Lemonade. It’s one of those ‘step out of my comfort zone’ experiences. As much as you mentioned about the calm, quietness, I believe I was also less pressured by the environment and felt free to observe whatever that’s ahead of me. Not a bad lesson indeed.

  2. Photographing when it’s raining is great if can be motivated to get out. Just make sure you’re wearing waterproof boots, trousers and rain coat and all set. It’s great to get peoples reaction to something simple like rain which changes how we might approach the day and the city.

    Like the photo of the old man under the umbrella.

    1. Yes, same path that I usually take, but all the surroundings changed when shooting in the rain. I try not to wear anything that the majority of people don’t here, that’s raincoat. An umbrella is all I need to look normal. Thanks eightymm.

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