The ‘Nobody’

Catching the ferry

Catching the ferry

I lost all my interest on my weekdays, the only way to deal with it, is to seek a way out. And my focus has been relying on my weekend journey to my mini-project – the island. It is the only way I could get through the week no matter how terrible my days have become. While it sounds like my attention is all over the project, I’m pacing myself knowing the fact that the coming weeks would be another opportunity there again. I do not see a deadline or a period to it just yet.

The hopeful journey

The hopeful journey

I keep hearing successful stories of who and who turning their passionate hobbies into their business. I’m so happy for them and meanwhile seeing my ‘hollow’ self. Living in a society requires fierce completion and serious dollars certainly isn’t helping. Photography is the only thing that keeps me alive. Sadly, it has nothing to do with my career at all; nor I’ve received credibility with it. Good news is that when I have my camera in hand, I quickly become my ‘rational’ self.

Journey thru the island

Journey thru the island

I’m still the ‘nobody’ who shoots photographs. Owning a non-M Leica does not make me ‘somebody’ either. My photographs are merely fragments of my experience. Those whom are able to maximize that ‘street encounter’ experience makes it who you are, and perhaps become the ‘somebody’.

See you again next week

Again next week

It’s important to have photographs that speak for the photographers’ mind. It’s good to question ourselves what does this image do to you. If my answer is because I was there, without meanings that I wish to express; it does not matter how good the image looks, it would be ‘just another’ photo. The selection process plays a huge part of any photographers, there’s no exception even just for the ‘nobody’.

Back to my reality

Back to my reality

Me, going thru at work

Me, going thru at work

Longing for another weekend away from the city

Longing for another weekend away from the city

I try to be invisible when finding the inner meaning and harmony on a given scene. It’s what I sought after these days. I keep walking and shooting depending upon how my day goes. I’m still that nobody wandering with a camera.

7 thoughts on “The ‘Nobody’

  1. I’ve wound up tweeting a few of your posts (such as this one, just now), as I’ve been following you in recent weeks. I rather like how you reflect on your photography. Your commentaries go very well with your photos.

    1. Thanks Lasseter. I think using commentary to illustrate my thoughts when going thru a group of related photos helps me prepare for the next post. It’s also different from what a normal photographer do.

  2. I like your “Just another photograph”. I think I understand it as shooting without a goal/project in mind (or maybe I misunderstand). What about these photographs that you have posted? Is there something that they do for you, or you wanted it to do for viewers?
    I agree that the selection process is important, as well as the commentary, in order to gain an experience or meaning.

    1. These photographs are the moments i experienced while i was away from my camera. They are also a first person point of view, sort of like a documentary of my own. That is going from my photography project i excited about to my normal day-to-day 9~6 office work. A pretty accurate representation of my current mentality.

  3. Very interesting and poignant photographs Alan! You’re definitely not a nobody with that camera of yours. Those who appear to be “somebody” just happen to have been at a particular place at a particular time and encountered someone perhaps who knew someone else. Stay true and honest in your photography, there is certainly a quality about your photos and your thoughts that I hope you will not lose, when you reach your goal of being the somebody you envisage 🙂

    1. The psychology behind photography is a lot deeper than I thought. Motivation has a lot to do with it either. Personal life, mood, anything can affect how motivated I am. It’s not as easy as it sounds when there’s a camera in hand and off i go. Mind has to be focused and poised. Stress and aggression cannot appear in my photography, i have to be as calm as handling a steering wheel. Lately i’d been sensing lots of those stress and aggression in me. No wonder I’m not feeling like myself.

      To be ‘somebody’ would provide more reason, bigger motivation to continue. I would really want to continue photographing for as long as I could. Networking isn’t something I want to do, although it can speed things up quite a bit. Fate is what I believe, if it’s not my chance; I can’t really force it. I’m still at my early stage should not ‘dream’ about anything just yet. Thanks Lemonade!

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