Dragon Boats in the Harbor


Angry Bird is in the house


(It was a month ago)

Once a year in the Chinese world, we have something called the Dragon Boat Festival. It’s also the festive holiday where we all eat the sticky rice dumplings. While I’m more into the stick rice more than the dragon boat races around Hong Kong, it’s still no doubt a free entertainment unless there’re other better things to do. What’s unique about dragon boats is not only the head of the boat – a dragon. The rowing rhythm is often controlled by the on-board drum leader. It’s usually the drumming, whistling and chanting that I believe brings fun to this sport.

The audience

Seeing it live versus on TV gave me another perspective on how the event proceeds. I get to see the athletes here and there at the stand, in the water, and right by you. Is it really that exciting? On TV, yes! In person, probably not! In fact, I think it’s more fun to watch school kids on a track day than the dragon boat race.

The joy

As for now, I’ll be missing my sticky rice dumplings…the same time next year, see you again.



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