The Undeveloped Development



Cry Baby  Reading the jockey paper

Man by the pole

The Block

Kwun Tong is rich in diversity of what Hong Kong is really about. It’s pending for massive urban renewal project where it’d give the town a new face. For better or worse, it’ll be turned into another unfamiliar place.

The time being,
It’s got lots of old public housing, the home of many old Hong Kongers.
It’s got lots of old factory buildings are now either abandoned or rented out as office suite, band rooms, art workshops and even restaurants/cafes.
It’s got a decent shopping mall to cater all the modern shoppers’ needs.
It’s STILL got some old fresh markets, and old blocks of buildings that lasted nearly half a century.
It’s got fragments of childhood memories where I could still recall.

If it is to remember, I must record moments while everything is still there.


Bus Terminal

Between the minibus

Duck on the cheek


Hug in the dark

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