My Way


Masks right there

City fisherman


I would argue 80-90% of the time of the location that I visit daily would not likely to have anything that’s too interesting for me to shoot a photograph with, more even so during this hot summer. Again and again, I’m finding myself falling into the same loop over and over again at the same hours. I found it not worth it either just to travel to another district to do photography for an hour after my day job. I still believe that remaining 10-20% photo opportunity would eventually appear. It’s sounds a bit counterintuitive to think outside of the box while staying inside of a box.

Thanks to the Google Map, I’m able to see my route and calculate how far I’d done my photo walks approximately on a normal given day after work. In Summer, I walk for 1-2km; in Fall, I can walk further about 4km. Of course, the productive part is just a few segments of it. So you see my photography is not just a simple shutter click (nobody should be), there’s plenty of jogging and time investments behind some of my photos.


Hong Kong skyline


I think it’s a bad idea to fall into the same lazy loop over and over again. A well-planned route or even get lost are deemed better, especially to explore around town. The end of the day, whatever that’s on my way can be used for my photography. It shapes what I do.



At the Pier

No Staying

My 2013 summer weekends are all planned thanks to my visit to the little island south of Hong Kong. It’d be a mini-project which I really want to complete. There’s just way too many things I appreciate on the island. More even so, I just want to grab one of the locals and tell me their life stories.

I must give credit to the Limp Bizkit track ‘My Way’, it became the title of this post while I was typing and listening to it. Thank god I was able to filter out the swearing while brainstorming…

8 thoughts on “My Way

    1. The camera does not reproduce well enough tonality on the high iso images. That’s why prefer them in monochrome. Either i get confronted a lot or no image. I had a photo taken just now with another better camera under low iso, i had to lower my shutter speed to 1/60 on a really dark place that also required me to stop and stood still. The mid-age couple was doing a kiss while hugging. I was caught doing it and asked to delete. It’s all good, at least i tried.

  1. Very observant photos. Interesting that you said it seems counterintuitive to think outside the box while staying in the box. Good food for thought! I usually stay in the box too. I guess it forces you to have to think outside the box or just give up.
    The first photo is my favourite. Something about that elderly man really caught my attention. It’s very poignant. I love it.
    Hat off to you really. Jogging in such temperatures to achieve some of your photos – I’d be hiding in anywhere there is air con. I hear it’s VERY hot right now! :-O

    1. Hi Lemonade, you’re absolutely right. Either I do it or I go home sleep on my bed.

      It’s why I put that photo as the beginning one 🙂 Most of these photos came from two evenings after work. It’s still very hot but without the sun. I actually believe these two evenings were some sort of therapy for me after a tough day of at work. It’s like the feeling of ‘I could finally breath’.

  2. Alan…..I like your photos, I like your thoughts and I see you struggling….as it should be, All I can offer is to say that what your doing is worth the struggle……..

    1. Dear Don, I found myself silly to look at myself in the micro scale. If I get something work fine for just an hour in a week, that’s still my stuff. I cannot rule quantity over quality. It’s a wild goose chase.

      I’d been enjoying my little eureka from my weekend travels locally. It’s not entirely the beautiful sun or the laughters I hear on a beach. It’s my own existence, I was able to feel life; far away from where I live. I found peace which our city is really struggling at.

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