Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes

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Pushing to the limit is not always the best way to cultivate a sustainable photography habit. My nature is to go with whatever destination I’m in, time of the day, duration available for doing. Treasure a very good day with a big deep breath by the Victoria Harbor, rather than chasing for the shadow and light on a hot sweaty day. There’s always something interesting happen around us: around the street corner, at the cafe, anywhere you travel to. And most importantly, learn to accept a terrible day of outing. You can spend hours on the street and not getting anything interesting at all or you get extraordinary shots you’ve anticipated in just a 30 minutes of walk. Like many masters have said, recognizing the patterns and be ready are the keys.

‘The World Through Your Eyes’ to me just a fancy phrase nothing but trusting my own judgement and instincts when doing photography. Mindfully use our eyes. If you believe in it, your job is done.

So this is my attempt to the photo challenge. There were a few cleaners sitting on the the stairs of a bridge I usually pass by to the harbor front. There was a cleaning trolley they use at the bus stop right by an AD. The AD happened to be the popular loan shark with a gigantic hand gesture mask they use. You could see 3 of the commonly used gestures are there in the photo: Victory, Rock and Okay. Funny how these objects lined up nicely without anyone staging it intentionally.

I had been chasing for the funny rubber gloves where they hang them upside down. The wild expression of the lady catches the viewer then to the gestures next to her. Let’s see how I do on my first attempt to a photo challenge!

By the way, I’ve started my twitter account: @apinhongkong
I wish to share more about stuff happening here in Hong Kong and sometimes updates of photography related matters. I’m still new to it, feel free to follow. I always think there’s LESS barrier or privacy crap in Twitter than the Facebook, i hope I’m right. 🙂

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