The Tiny Hong Kong, My Tiny Home.


Smoking corner

Somebody's dinner


To continue with my previous post ‘My Home’. Here’s another follow-up.
Most of the citizen of Hong Kong are living in a crammed apartment with family. I’m one great example. There’s no patio, backyard, basement, and even not a proper bedroom for myself. As populated as anyone could imagine here, each apartment building has gone as high as 40-50 story these days. We rarely know about our neighbors. We do not invite over neighbors for a drink or whatever. There’s not a whole of interaction with neighbors in general either. I’d been living at the same apartment with family for 20 years. There’s not a lot of familiar faces I could recognize around the building. Out of the floor i live in, there’s only 1 out of 8 neighbor that lives as long as we do. Neighbors come and go within a few years. They all seem to move around a lot. Or perhaps they could afford to own a few apartments as investment.

Most relaxed doll ever

Renovating the interior of an old building

To the subway

The most ideal view of a home is often backed by a mountain with a clear view of sea/harbor. My home has a view of a parking lot of another apartment building across the street. The lights are on for the entire night in order to keep the lots visible to drivers. It does often caused me hard to fall asleep in. As much as my family covered our windows with curtains, the lights are still visible.

Hong Kong S.A.R flag


Buckets  Business District

Crowded tunnel

You may ask, why not move out? It’d be one of my dreams to have my own apartment, renovated to the way I wanted. A couch and a coffee table, simple decors in the living room, a dressing room and roomy closets – a tidy home with my own space. Buying apartments like these would be a life time investment required a pretty decent income and some lensings from the bank. Most of us can’t afford them ourselves. I cannot see myself owning it in 10, 20, 30 years at this point in time. It’s just how desperate many of our generation are. Or I’d simply put the situation as ‘complicated’.

Dressed up lady

At the restaurant

Sham Shui Po


Busy with phone

Nanny  Helper nanny

Ducks power

Whether I like it or not, I do believe my life will get better with time.

~That’s my story.

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