Not Under Influence


Old in the New


Gun bless america


Flower  Roots

I’d been increasingly not influenced by any photographers. I have not been visiting as frequent on some of the photo blogs I follow. I have not been flipping thru any photo books. I’ve not been looking into anything in particular either. In other words, I’m pretty much on my own doing my own photography relying on my instinct. Cognitively I know there’re things I interested in the most. Just like sentences have already started, I’m just finishing them. Ever since I got back from Zhongshan, I slowed down a bit and not concerned about the blogging part.

There’re things I’d like to master on, such as shoot photos in all manual operation which includes ‘guesstimation’. It sounds like I’m enjoying this. I never thought of this way really. I look at it as an opportunity to get to know how some of the pros do it. One thing I found is that I’m more aware of my distance and lighting. I’d stay on my course.

Summer is here. Good news is, the daylight is longer. Bad news is, I sweat even just by standing on the street for minutes. Hong Kong is known for its oceanic weather, humidity. It is a challenge to even just walk around.

Spiral stairs  Shadowed men

Umbrella lady

As one

Here and there

Mixing it up

Man in Chinese costume

Canton Road 2013  Vanishing tree shadow

Talk to me


The hanging crabs

Painting on a wall + post no bills


It is my first time curious about what my next long photo post would be. Would I bring in some new, fresh ideas? I can’t help but to say – stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “Not Under Influence

    1. I’d done all I could given the time I had. All I was thinking of, was to accomplish with a post full of photographs i specially like. It’s sure a relieve to hear the good words from you. Thanks KUM.

  1. Great set, Alan. All these apparently disconnected pieces conveying the mood and atmosphere of the place, perfectly.

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