Reason of Existence


Photography comes in all forms, landscape, micro, documentary, travel, portraiture, abstract, contemporary… The expression on an object/subject/scene comes from the person behind the lens, such as how they handle the way the wanted. The one and only thing in common when you see what photographers could do consistently with – has to be their obsession. An obsession to drive them repeat the thought processes over and over again. It’s a big word for many people. It’s an absolute trait needed for anyone wishes to be better than average.

My real life personality is a picky person. Being choosy does not make my life miserable. I choose only the things I like. I do research and try things out myself. I have my way to tackle problems. I’m not a wannabe perfectionist. I do set an acceptable standard to be my bottom line.

Everyone’s photography has a little subtle differences. There can be lots of things in common, but not exactly quite the same. I think describing myself as a localized photography blogger is most appropriate for the time being. What I see in my photography, I see how my life is fitting in the city. Each and every frames I post on my blog is a little piece of puzzle. I also question the existence of my photography sometimes – why am I (still) doing this?

Other than an obsession, a passion, I cannot think of an answer. Shooting photos is like a drug. Perhaps It’s a way I found myself to represent Hong Kong with web presence. If you’re already a regular reader, thank you I succeeded!

Cemetary entrance

Soccer field

Paper dolls for worshipping

Jockey Gamblers except one


Jockey race course


Show window bear & model

What the duck



Now, I believe one of my biggest motivation is to research about my life – how I see the area I active in. Part of this set contains pieces of location I traveled to from work, my encounter in the city after work. If it’s not for work, some of them won’t ever exist.

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