To the Second World – Part III


Patterned Window

Lady in hat

(Read Part II)
It’s my second day spent in China. I briefly stopped by Zhuhai. I only stopped by the Yuan Ming Palace for an hour. An hour sounds much for a fast-paced city dweller. If you get to visit this place, you’d know you’d need more than just an hour to explore every bit of the palace and park. This Palace is more than just what the name tells you, it’s a theme park with a huge lake in the middle. There’s even a cable car to go up the little hill.

The palace itself was a 1:1 replica in size but I found it poorly maintained. And lots of the structures were not as detailed as I would imagine. The color of the paints were off. It just seemed everything was out of place. Thankfully, that was just the front end of the park.

The Emperor

Local visitors

Caution _

I enjoyed the view along the lake. Visitors (100% from China) also enjoyed their spare time along the lake even it’s monday. It would be super crowded if it’s weekends.

I took my time enjoy the scenic view and relax while shooting photographs. It’s a balance/mix that’s not easily done knowing the fact that I was on my vacation. Photography has become a huge part of my life. It just can’t be taken away and I realized that anywhere I go.

Standing kid

Lake at the palace

When I think about my last 1-day trip to Jiangman, China was even shorter, I know time isn’t too much of an issue when there’s just no choice but to stay in point A to B and to C as a routine. What’s memorable would be recorded in my camera on the path I walked, things I experienced, events that happened.

Chatting by the lake

Lotus pond

Local visitors


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