To the Second World – Part II


Monday, the working day

Festive flags  Hospital

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My impression to the cities of China is: go home early and there’s virtually no businesses open at night after 8pm. It has always been like this. Everywhere was dark and not a party happening anywhere in town. That explained how little I know about life in Mainland China. I’m sure the bigger cities like Shanghai, there’re party animals. Lots of nightlife going on in the evening.


Mc Don ald's

During my trip Zhongshan had given me another perspective of lives in China at night. There’s a Festival Walk or Shopping Avenue of some kind in town that shops, restaurants, malls open until late night. And yes, there’s a shopping mall!! Lots of foot traffic, music, and just about anything you can think of. Life isn’t all that bad at all.


From my observation, 99% of the folks I saw were the locals, not the tourists.

Their new friend

Shopping Mall

There’s McDonald’s, McCafe, KFC, Starbucks, Subway, Pacific Coffee (a large coffee shop franchise in HK), …
If you’re into after dinner late night munching, there’s a street full of street foods nearby.

Lady with a skewer

PSY mania in China

A good friend of mine in the US follows thru my photography and described the people in China are “frumpy”. Thanks for the descriptive word. I never knew how to express it on my 2nd language. I think it’s starting to change especially for the women. Women catch up with fashion and want to be attractive, it’s their nature. Just the ‘feel good’ factor alone can drive the people to be more conscious on how they dress. The syndication of Hong Kong TV network also gives the Guangdong Province a very good idea of how we dress normally. Same token, I would not know how I can look good without the internet and TV. Speaking of the window to the world 🙂

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