To the Second World – Part I


Train to the border

Look from the bus

The city (Hong Kong) I live in is so qualified for first world country. It’s only a sad fact Hong Kong is not considered as a country. China is a second world country or the developing country if you will. It’s perfectly normal to be culturally shocked. Life over there is just simply different in China than my home.


Stones, Marbles  The Eye

Zhongshan was part of my travel destination. It was a two-day budget guided tour. The schedule was tight, not a lot of sightseeing but lots of meals including tea time, dinner and a late night dinner.

Signal Tower  Sun Yat Sen


Pineapple eating pose

My trip was filled with memories of wet smelly toilets. Unfortunately I had to use them once in a while. Thank god the bathroom in the hotel room was decent.

Got your toy

Zhongshan has over 3 million in population. Seeing the international giant franchises here was a surprise as Zhongshan is almost unknown internationally when compare to Shanghai and Beijing. Anyways, there were McDonald’s, KFC, Starbucks. There were at least two shops located on two shopping malls.

Street food

Pineapple peeling

I still cannot move my mind away from the fact that China is a bit messy in general, in terms of environment and hygiene. People are less complicated, living a life that based on their world. They feel fine with it, as an outsider I feel quite not the same. However I still see many inner beauty in the peoples’ eyes despite what their living conditions are.

The unusual bikers

Thru the clouds

When I see youngsters, teenagers, kids, babies, i see hope; I see the future of one of the most powerful country in the world.

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3 thoughts on “To the Second World – Part I

  1. You were so close to my old town of Zhuhai, a place a still remember fondly, even if it is a bit more “gritty” than Hong Kong. Have you been there?

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