The Unexpected 20 Minutes


Tai Wai

I was an hour away from my workplace to take care of some work-related business at Tai Wan, the New Territories. I had been living in the urban area or a.k.a. “the city” for half of my life. Seeing what others describe as ‘a suburb’ or ‘rural’ area gave me another fresh look to my home, Hong Kong.

Tai Wai channel  Bike parking

As soon as I was done with work, I was near the Tai Wai Nullah (drainage channel). It does look like a man-made canal to many of us. The primary school I used to studied in had one just like that. It sometimes flooded onto the streets. The drainage water were sometimes dyed into colors, possibly caused by the nearby factories. It was over 20 years ago anyway.

There were highway/train flyovers all over on some part of the area. All intersecting across the drainage channel, by the schools, by the public estates, over my head.

Michelin recommended


I was on my way to the train station.

Lunch hour

One of the busiest parts of Tai Wai has to be the area around the station. Many have said the first impression is the strongest feeling of whatever you’re focusing on. The short 20 mins walk provided me the fresh subjective look on a place I rarely visit.


2 thoughts on “The Unexpected 20 Minutes

    1. thanks! yea lots. Bikes are widely use over that area or we call the area as The New Territories. Unlike the Hong Kong Island where i live.

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