Be Our Eyes



A crowded city.


Ricoh has just announced the ‘New GR’. The fans are really looking forward to it. The ‘New GR’ marketing campaign has gone over the edge by telling everyone the camera will be our new eyes (mostly because of the new industry standard APS-C image sensor) – “Be Your Eyes”. My eyes certainly don’t need new sensor, I would not rule out the possibility of getting the new GR at some point. However, I also need to consider the consequences of my GRD IV.


An old block

Ricoh says: To beat the GR, is another GR.
I say: To beat the new GR, is to use my X2.

Walking Cat

The Nanny

My X2 is the answer to all that wonders. The images produce from both are rather similar because of the image sensor. To be honest, I still can’t believe I own a Leica (not M). It helps me straighten my mind. I want photographs, I want improvements in me, cameras more or less works the same. If I go out and shoot meaningful photographs, that’s the winner. One thing that I must do is to try harder, think differently.

Can't walk but can handle an umbrella


I must not deny I’d been getting really comfortable with the GRD lately. It’s my new eyes per se, in 28mm. Anywhere I go, everywhere I see, it’s this little black boxy camera. If 35mm is a game of framing what’s important on an image, then 28mm is a game of practicing your legs, openness to your subject and environment. They’re both equally fun.

Run out of space


It was just a day spent in China last Sunday. I already missed it. Here in Hong Kong, everywhere is crowded, on the street, in the subway, in the bus, in a restaurant…basically everywhere I go.


Old friends


It was a cool fix at a park where I spent about 15 mins not doing anything. It is the only place in the city to get peace where I could still hear birds, hear my own breathing, taste the air, and see human actually slow down.

7 thoughts on “Be Our Eyes

    1. Thanks KUM. I actually don’t like what they’re doing in this campaign. A little too much, losing its cool. I see what Pentax/Ricoh want to achieve by increasing sales. I just don’t want the whole street full of the new GRs. When something that supposed to be special and become so ordinary, what’s the point of it.

  1. Lovely photos. Where did you go in China? Did you feel that it was a different experience taking the photos too?
    I do love the first photo. It’s very captivating – makes me wonder what has just happened before you took it. It seems like it’s a couple that is not very happy with each other, however, it could so easily just be a quiet look of boredom or thought that you captured in a fleeting moment. The moment after that could easily have been filled with smiles. Very interesting!

    1. Oh and I like the new logo and look too. I haven’t read your posts on the actual website for a while, so I apologise if you made the change a while ago. I keep reading in my reader 😉

    2. Thank you Lemonade. I went to Jiang Men again (previous post). It was a short trip but I had a strong urge to photograph about my trip.

      The photo you mentioned was a bit experimental. Their expressions were so pure. And I believe it’s not easy to do a combination like this again. They were waiting for bus at a bus stop. Most people play with their phones these days, they were different. 😉

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