Held in Captivity – 雨後的世界


Lotus leaves

It rained for a whole week. It was like held in captivity when there’s so little chance capturing things around me.


A dignified bird

Standing up proud

Running around

If it’s not the rain, I’d not ever bring out my GRD again (4 months already sitting at home). I made a couple shots the following day just to orient myself again, a couple of frames turned out great. That brought me back the idea of using a wider focal length 28mm in the narrow streets of Hong Kong. I did go back to some of the photographs I shot in 28mm. I could immediately tell the difference of how my recent 35mm photos compare to the 28mm ones – The amount of detail (environment) being captured on a frame. I’ve had mentioned my experience previously, by adjusting my footwork, distance, elevation would make everything work interchangeably despite of the focal length. Yes, but I never answered myself if I choose between them, would it be a 28mm or 35mm? Except the fact that, I’m just choosing between cameras in my case (GRD & X2).

Chilling in different ways

The Tai Pai Dong conversation

I tried to look for answers and hopefully some masters can have an answer for me. I was glad I did. I came across with Garry Winogrand, a wonderful photographer which I look up to. In his career, he shot most of the time with the 28mm and did switch to a 35mm from time to time. No particular reasons, maybe bored. He did also say the difference is only distance.

Chicken (bird) for sale

Oversized Teddy for sale

The second after learning from a master, my immediate response is – it made so much sense. That is, if something interesting shows up in front of me; what would I do differently anyway? I’d still do the same action, frame & click. I maybe getting to choose between cameras for the weather reason. What I do is still the same, frame & click. That’s it, frame & click.

A dangerous playground

The Celebrity - Maria Cordero 肥媽


The future model

Until next time

Next time ask yourself again when you choose between the focal lengths, with the same scene on a given moment, if you’ve got two of them side by side; what would you do it differently?

4 thoughts on “Held in Captivity – 雨後的世界

  1. I trained my eye to see the 28mm range. Since I shoot with the A16 on my Ricoh I even zoom in and out once in a while. And I do crop as well if necessary. Very unprofessional, I know. But this is why we hobbyists are privileged.

    1. I think 28mm could be too wide for your side of world. Have you ever try with a prime 35 or 50mm? You would not need to worry cropping. 😉

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