The First Photo Feature


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I believe in fate. I was destined to play with pingpong when I was 8 or so from a paddle I found under my bed. I developed interests and play against a wall myself at home. Then I played in primary school and coach put me on one-on-one training in the weekends. I was then referred to another coach and strengthened my techniques and strokes. I played tournaments with a club but due to school works I had to quit, I was 12.

I did not ever play pingpong until I was senior in college. It was one afternoon I saw a couple of guys practicing with an American man who seemed to be a coach. I walked in and asked if I could play. I wanted to see if I could devote my time into it again and make a couple of new friends. It was a rough start for nearly 10 years without ever playing. Anyway, I did it although I was not the best player on the team, I was still competitive and did good sportsmanship. And I even played for my University in the NCAA as a team. I quitted pingpong again for good this time as I saw no room for improvements as a player also there weren’t any motivation after graduating.

Seeing someone playing pingpong reminds me of how I started this sport. I was ambitious and hopeful. Although photography may not lead me anyway, capturing life around me is something I want to do as if a lifelong marathon. It was last year I shot this photo with two women playing pingpong in the peaceful afternoon at the podium of a public estate.

I never knew who’s going to appreciate image as much as I do, in a way how it relates to my life journey. It was the end of February I received an image permission request from the Now Hear Ensemble. They wanted my photo to be used on their promotion kit. I couldn’t believe an American music group would have such interest in my photo. Thanks to the internet!

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 1.18.46 AM

Although the group/composer Federico Llach is not a mainstream group, I think they’re talented musicians. I feel so darn honored. It’s the best treat marking my first year of street photography.

I had no idea if there were any hard copy distribution of the group’s leaflet at the Redcat Theatre in L.A. on 30th/31st Mar. It’s set in stone. My first photo ever that’s used and credited for purposes other than myself.

Federico Llach
Now Hear Ensemble

(Special thanks to Gaby!)

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