The Forever Pop Icon


Forever Leslie

Leslie Cheung (張國榮) has left us for 10 years already. Yesterday was the 10-year anniversary. For those who do not know him, he was the pop icon of Hong Kong as much as Anita Mui which also passed away years ago. They were all from the era of pop just like Michael Jackson. He’s voted the third of the CNN’s “top five most iconic musician of all time” placing behind Michael Jackson and The Beatles.

Forever Leslie

I grew up listening to some of his music. I was not really his fan or anything. But he’s there in my childhood memory, always there. He might not be the best singer of all time but he certainly got a voice, the charm and charisma that the newer generation can’t replicate.

Forever Leslie

Forever Leslie

A star in Hong Kong often work with not only with just music, but also the movies. Leslie was a very good actor not because people says he was, I had chance to watch one of his movies of the later years. He’s fit, ready, and into his role. The characters are so alive. Movies gave me a chance to know about Leslie no matter how long he’s gone.

Forever Leslie

It’s sad to remember his death. His music, movies, pictures would always be there with us, just as if he’s well and alive.

Forever Leslie

This is dedicated to the forever Leslie and his fan. We all missed you!


4 thoughts on “The Forever Pop Icon

  1. Wow is this a commemoration in Hong Kong? Seems like he truly is an icon, so many beautiful flowers as though it is a funeral of a loved one, and you have captured such poignant images!

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