Raining at the hospital

Mobile Phone, Photography

Rain thru the hospital window

Having a bad day shooting is just part of the process. I know myself very well that I’m no way at the worrying stage. ‘Pace yourself’ is the right way to describe everyone’s production cycle. It may take up to a month to get just a few shots that sparkle or take just one afternoon to produce everything I wanted. I once did question myself: Am I able to do this? If I answer it based on the common belief, that is with constraints, limits, schedule – it’s a big ‘NO’. When I treat it as an open project of some kind, the possibility is open. The boundary is not really there, I draw it when the time is right. An open question with an open answer.

Main entrance

As a blogger, while it might sound harsh for the readers not able to see the latest updates, the fact is I would not idle. I’m always observing, reflecting feelings and capturing the moment. There’s always a hand full photographs around, if not maybe a few singles under my unpublished collection. I could still use it for the rainy days. Speaking of the rainy days, Hong Kong is now at the rainy season. That translates to the choice of equipment I should carry for the day. I tend to gamble bringing my X2 in case there’s no heavy shower when I shoot.

Reflection   Routes

This week I had a chance to visit the Kowloon Hospital for the first time. Like any other hospitals I’ve visited due to work reasons, I expect the hospital complex divided by blocks, units, etc. I just won’t expect anything out of the ordinary. And the Kowloon Hospital has shown me what I thought it’s not possible in Hong Kong. Besides the two, three blocks of the main hospital complex. I saw what I believed, some historic structures on the rest of the hospital zone.


Kowloon Hospital

The travel-back-in-time building structures in the city that I’d been dying to see. And it’s’ true that they were built in 1920s and functioning as the first public hospital in Hong Kong since 1929. My little exploration reminded me of houses I saw in the US, reminded me of the college campus. Strangely (due to the location of the Former airport in the area – there’s limitation on building heights), that part of the city I could see sky without skyscrapers, making it look so un-Hong Kong, isn’t it?

Kowloon Hospital

It started raining again as shortly after my tour.

Kowloon Hospital    Exit

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