Photographer’s cooking theory


The Twilight Tower

A cozy spot

It’s a follow-up from Photographer’s State of Mind and it’s oddly titled. But I think it’s appropriate. Read on..

During my college years in the US. I spent off a lot of times on a TV channel called Food Network. I’ve benefited a lot when I think of it now. I even want to put that on my resumé 🙂 I developed interests in food eventually after coming back to Hong Kong. That’s why I’d like to make parables with cooking and photography.


a trapped kid



A left out kid

When you ask a skilled master chef what’s the key to an amazing dish, they’d most likely answer you the best quality of ingredients he/she could get. Not the best pair of knives, not the best searing pan, not the best type of wine that goes with the dish.

It’s mostly correct.

So what’s the secret ingredients in photography?

It can be anything you could imagine, a good mix of objects, the background theme, the contrasting lights, the colors, the reflection, the pattern, the composition, the dullness…

Floating garbage


You may also notice then everyone can do the exact same dish with the same recipe? I really hope the answer can be yes, then we won’t ever have to visit a Michelin 5-star rated restaurant.

Recipe is only a map to show you how you could get there or like a musical arrangement of how a piece of music should be played. However I deeply believe with certain understanding, technique and practice, it can be done in an acceptable manner. The right execution can lead you there.

Sweet hearts

What I like about both cooking and photography is that if you fail one time, two times, three times and more, you would adjust no matter how bad of of a cook is. You do it again and you learn, you learn from mistakes.

You can attend lessons and the masters can show you ways how THEY do it. You still have to figure it out yourself.
You could visit restaurants you enjoy dining in and pickup a few things yourself. That’s going to add to your repertoire.   

Lust between the trams

Love it

It’s my nature to figure things out myself. That’s how I found common grounds in both cooking and photography. Just like i found seasoning is much like post processing, don’t you think? It enhances the flavor of photographs!


Light and dark
I was mentioning from last post whether if I could read the messages I wish to echo from my photos.

Was I able to decode my photographs?
I was thinking deeply why the subjects I subconsciously interested in photographing are what you see from this post for during my bedtime looking up the ceiling.

Interestingly I’ve found my impulse: If you spend time look around (especially in the city), an average man/woman are looking down to their smartphones; checking their emails, reading the breaking news, chatting with friends, or maybe just simply swiping because it’s in their hands…

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