From crawling to walking


Walking with mom

I dug up photos from iPhoto while checking out what I was doing a year ago. I found an album shot with my Lumix G3 camera on December 4th, 2011. That was the time I just got myself into candid photography. It’s a period when I still shot primarily scenery, landscape which usually required me to travel to a destination for shots that I thought it was so boring. One thing I knew for sure, I do not travel out of Hong Kong. Travel photography was another genre to be taken out. I thought about macro photography, the world of macro photography can be a cool art. It wasn’t really my thing. In any way, I was like a baby.

Heart-shaped leaves

When human is like flowers

I’m really lucky I found what I wanted to focus on now – street photography or a better way to describe it as life documentary. It’s been going on for a year now and counting.

Live Sketching

When I look back to these photos, first thing that comes to my mind is the G3 is really doing what some entry level DSLR could do. Superb image quality. I mounted it with a 50mm Lumix-Leica lens. I did enjoy the large aperture and bokeh. Second thing that comes to me is ‘Did I take these?’. I see a form of photography in it.

I see myself had gone from crawling to walking in photography. I feel I understood more about myself through it. Or is it simply because I’m a year older? Or does it not matter at all?


I believe all I need to do is to continue with my thing and my camera.

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