10 years after SARS

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Chinese Garden in Kwun Tong

It’s been a much discussed topic on the media of how SARS have changed Hong Kong, how it happened, what went wrong, who were the heroes, interviews of various survivors of SARS, … You might think I must have overwhelmed or bombarded by all that. The truth is, I knew nothing about it. I was studying abroad during that short but tragic historic moment. All the news footage dating back to the SARS 10 years ago had made me wondered what I was doing back then, what if I was in Hong Kong? All I remember was the vague web-phone conversation with my parents.

Everybody avoided going out. Think about the businesses, restaurants, the streets, the transportation networks, … It’s a very scary thought knowing how busy this city is now and how everyone relied on everyone, compare to the time 10 years ago. It was a big hit to many business owners, investors…

Hong Kong people had learned from our past. We learned to use masks, sanitizers and be conscious in personal hygiene. It can easily spotted someone using masks in the public. At the moment, I work at an office that has over 20 employees. Being in an office sitting at my desk, I understood how easily flu can be passed on to one another. Sadly, the micro-environment would a lot of times prevent us from using masks. I get so sensitive when someone sneeze near me and find a way to dodge. I still got sick the week before.

Due to work related reasons, I needed to travel to hospital in Kwun Tong. It was also the second day I got my photography mood back from a painful (sick) weekend in bed. I found the best chance to make use of my phone (Nexus 4) while I was visiting Kwun Tong. It all started from the man with mask at a garden by the hospital.

Man at the garden in a hospital

I continued with the clue (mask) after work in the area. I began to wonder how crowded it is in the market. Everything seems to be quite alright, better than ever. We really have to treasure the good days while we can.

a hanging mask




I can handle it


Kwun Tong is a district under government’s city renewal project. It’ll be re-shaped to a modern district. The images of this set shows the every last bit of the remaining old district everyday life. It was a district I once grew up in. The new will soon take over the old.

Kwun Tong

Although we don’t know whether disease like SARS would ever visit Hong Kong again, one thing we know for sure; we are more alert and ready.

Kwun Tong

Everyday we simply look forward.

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