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Some of you might have noticed I’m an Android guy and I rarely talk about iPhones and all. My Samsung Galaxy S2 had given me opportunity to understand what Android is about. It’s cool in many ways. As long as Google is committed in providing further developments, I’m with them. I thought I must take one big step forward to both support them and upgrade to a ‘pure’ android experience – Nexus 4.

I was so worried about the 16GB without memory card slot until I loaded all the apps and music to it. I still have over 6GB left enough to load more of my music collection and shoot photos without knowing how many frames left.

You may head over to Ralf Rottmann’s ‘iPhone lover’s confession switched over to Nexus 4 completely’ read about his unbiased experience with the Nexus 4. Again, although the phone is Made in Korea and designed by LG; Google gave them the requirements they wanted to make it their own device. You see the previous version made by Samsung and current version both have similarities – no home button, LED pulse light (notification).

The camera of it is the industry standard 8 megapixel, f2.7, 30 or 33mm focal length (35mm equiv.). Not a bad complement to my X2 as it’s somewhat similar in focal length. The image result is no surprised, similar to my previous phone (great when enough light, poor in the dark).

What I like about the Nexus Jelly Bean (OS) stock camera app is that, it’s like playing a first-person shooting game. There’s the circle cross hair mimicking the point of focus. The cross hair turns as it focuses. There’s no extra button available on the screen besides the shutter, unless you can it out by holding the cross hair. I wish there’s more settings, such as ISO, focus distance etc. I must realize this is just a phone, if I wish to shoot seriously; grab my X2 instead, right?


I would like to shoot further with it and come up with series in the coming days. I found the Nexus Jelly Bean provides a very robust photo editing tool. I could literally process my photos entirely in a very well manner. It’s just one click in the photo gallery. I’m dying to see if Google would somehow brand that tool and provide even more updates in the future. As I’ve previously blogged about a photo editing app ‘Snapseed’ I use extensively on my phone, I found myself using the built-in Nexus image editor more. You would not believe there’s actually ‘Curves’ option, yes I’m talking exactly the ones we use on LR and Aperture. I could totally see myself processing photos entirely with both the built-in image editor and Snapseed without messing with my Mac.

Not to forget the fact that I could act stupid to blend in for photography, I can’t get stealthier than that. I hope I could make good use of it while I’m not with my X2 or not too motivated. This is fitting in the gap as imagined.

4 thoughts on “My Pledge – LG Nexus 4

  1. Regarding Android I am fully with you. My wife had a Samsung with Froyo, but didn’t excite me. I briefly moved over to iOS land with an older iPhone 3G, but quickly moved over to a LG with Windows Phone 7.5. I really like the WP experience, but it wasn’t finished really. My wife got problems with her phone so she got my LG and I moved back to the iPhone. But not being part of all the upgrades frustrated me and it became a very slow phone too.

    I got a Samsung Galaxy S with Gingerbread. Things were getting there, but I decided to root the phone and flash it with a new custom rom. Now I run it with 4.1.2 Jelly Bean and it is a very mature system. I understand from others that the Nexus 4 is a really good phone. I look forward to more of your experiences.

    Mobile editing got very far nowadays, even to the point that I hardly post process my photographs on my computer. I like the simplicity in these processess and I like to keep it all as simple as possible. I still do so on an iPad mini, but I am seriously considering a Nexus 7.

    1. Thanks for sharing Wouter. I have no complain to the device. Everything is smooth as butter. Now all the mobile makers are racing to put their best tech to their devices. Nexus is being an alternative to those who wish to enjoy the original version of Android. I fully understood why Apple was successful, there’s one and only latest version of OS. Users around the globe are eligible to upgrade their devices to the latest patch. While Samsung, HTC, etc, are using their own version of Android with different skins. Those are not as sustainable as we would imagine as Google is a software company while Samsung, HTC, LG aren’t.

      I think Samsung now seems to be winning for now. In a long run, companies who possesses their own OS would outrun the rest who don’t. For users like me, I like software updates and enhancement. I feel I’m being well treated as part of the after purchase service. Samsung clearly failed to do so as different country and area has their own version of Samsung Android patch. I have rooted my GS2 once to turn off the silly shutter sound and did not want to do it again. The OTA update would clear all the changes I made. I guess it is a little waste of effort. I’m only a casual user who want to use the device after all.

      I think you would enjoy the Nexus 7. I did not think about the 7 because there’s no Google Play Magazine or Book available in my region yet. Or I would really think about it. Reading magazines on a tablet is a joy. Google has just started and still some to catch up in other web services.

      Looking at the tiny lens of the Nexus 4…really tiny. I thought it was a joke. I guess the technology is a lot further ahead than I thought. Camera of a phone is playing such an important role these days. Will we see collaboration of a camera manufacturer and mobile device company. I think somehow companies would figure another way to cram a decent camera to a device or even borrow what the GXR is doing, by adding a seperate body extension to a phone. A module to those who wish with a phone with an actual lens. xD we’ll never know.

  2. I’m eagerly awaiting Jelly Bean!
    I must thank you for the Snap Seed recommendation. I don’t have the pure Google system so your app recommendation was really useful – I have been using it since I read about it on your blog, and I love it. It really is great, it’s gives a really good editing option,
    With the GS2, simply put your phone on silent when you want to use the camera, no shutter sound then – slightly annoying, but it works easily 🙂 You’re right though, Android can be great, but the phone companies mess it up with their serious delays in making upgrades available. And it’s annoying how they add their own clutter to everything grrr!

    1. Snapseed is nice. I think there’s still more to work on after seeing what the Nexus image editor can do.

      Yes, Samsung has to find a way to stop adding their own skin/interface to their original OS and somehow working together with the android platform.

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