A photo of Sedov


Sedov in Hong Kong

An old Russian sailing vessel ‘Sedov’ had docked in the Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong. I was not informed until my mom told me about it. I have never heard about ‘Sedov’ until I actually saw one myself. I really thought it was more of the size of a fishing boat and perhaps with a classic look.

I traveled across the harbor to learn what’s special about it.

I just couldn’t describe the scene in human language. My immediate reaction was :O and followed by a OMG! I slipped out my phone to photograph my family and perhaps strangers.

I also learned about we could visit the upper deck by obtaining tickets. Unfortunately, the time specified for visiting required me to wait the entire afternoon. Almost 6 hours, that’s a lot of street wandering. I walked around in the district for 4 hours and even explored a few cool places I could further visit in the future. And then my dad later called off the visit. I tired myself out already although it was nice simply spending quality time on the street.

I had choice to just visit the deck myself as I walked back to the pier to head home. The next thing I realized was the pier was like a honeycomb. I figured I wouldn’t enjoy myself too much and It’s pointless to fight my way for any photos. It’s already as I saw, a place that’s overly exploited; whatever comes out from my camera would just be mostly photograph with people which was nothing I intended to go for.

I’d never seen that many people with cameras (actually even more in the flower exhibition). It makes me sick when I see everyone is photographing with their DSLRs, Leica Ms ($$$$), DCs and phones. It’s a very disoriented scene as you’d image. Clearly, I would just pass.

I only made a couple casual shots at noon for a brief moment. And I’m glad with that small period of time, I captured something I wanted.

The image reflects how many of us felt about the arrival of Sedov: Surprised, amazed, excited, breathtaking and how about the :O and OMG!

The Sedov docked for 3 days. By the time I typed up this post, it had already sailed off to the next destination.

4 thoughts on “A photo of Sedov

  1. It’s fascinating to see a post of Hong-Kong’s blogger about a Russian ship that was named after an arctic explorer that was born in a place that is not far from where I’m from and that was named after him and was my favorite place to spend summer holidays. Globalization is the coolest thing!

    1. Thanks Nadezhda! It’s almost like a pirate boat! At least I thought for a second it was. It’s good to hear about it’s related to where you’re from. I would really visit the deck if I wasn’t exhausted. Mostly because I hadn’t have a good night sleep the night before. I got home and I did not even have my dinner.

      It’s a wonderful experience just to see it without a question.

    1. Thanks covert photographer! If I had taken more shots or meaningless shots, I wouldn’t be able to have thoughts about me, the ship and the day. I wished I had taken more so I could choose from. But then if I ended up with this single, so be it. Look forward.
      Glad you enjoy.

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