Let them be free


Sea animal release

Once in a while, we see captured animals being released back to the nature as an act of kindness. In the western world, releasing white pigeons symbolizes peace and hope. In the Chinese community, the meaning is more or less the same but we treat it as a charity and bring eternity to lives; like giving back to the nature.

Fishing net

Sea animals to release    Goodbye - Sea animal release

At a public pier in North Point which I walk by few times a month, there were weekend fishermen gathering and fishing. But this particular time, it’s a little different. Rather than catching them, I saw a group of people releasing them. A Christian community had purchased caught seafood (probably from market) to release them. I was just in time to document their last few batches of release.

Sea animal release

It’s my first time seeing it done live.

North Point public pier

4 thoughts on “Let them be free

    1. Hi KUM. You’re right. I think I like the relationship of contrasting subjects and environment. It adds detail to a photo. It’s also a trait needed when working without the shallow depth of field to isolate subject and the rest.

      There’s nothing too stand out in this set in terms of front, med, background. The light was fine. Leaving the photos with colors would let my single plane composition not as flat as it’d would appear in b&w. In this case, there were colorful buckets to highlight the main theme that ties to the title.

      There’re still many things I’m still learning after a year of shooting. Working with only one camera is still the best way in my opinion to learn these things properly.

    1. Thanks Arry ! It was a good experience to see briefly what’s happening around me. It does not occur often.

      The repetitiveness of the sea color can be boring if the environmental setting remains the same. It can’t be overdone in a set by further displaying more photos with water ;P

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