A Ghost Town in Ma Wan



The Old Ma Wan Village

Gloves of nobody's


Broken Window

Members of the village committee

Mystery tickets from the fortune sticks

Lotus lamp at the Tin Hau Temple

Tin Hau Figurine

Cartoon on a wall of a (once) restaurant

The Old Ma Wan Village

Couple in a beach

We have heard a lot of this term ‘Ghost Town’ on TV, movies, novels, storytellers. I’m sure not everyone has a chance to visit a real ghost town not even myself. Ma Wan is an outer island near the northwest of the Kowloon Peninsula in Hong Kong. It was a fishing village. Long story short, the village is forced to be abandoned for property monopoly’s development. The remains can still be seen and visitors can easily walk around at the village.

There were hardly any visitors at the day when I visit. I did not want to waste the ferry fare came here for nothing. I wanted to see some other parts of the village that I hadn’t seen last time. I managed to find a way to the back of the dead village. It’s off the main passage. Not too much to see however. There were lots of bushes and vines. Since it’s so dead, it could get any deader if I stayed for long. It was not as haunting like you’d imagine. It was only quiet, not even a dog bark.

A dead village.

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