A Flying Object


Wasn't aware of the chopper

Let me try a new approach to share this tiny story encountered last week. At one of the must-stop attraction in Hong Kong, there I was busting out and hoped for anything cool would happen.

I was at the site where all the Mainland Chinese tourists gathered and waiting for their tour buses for their next location. I spotted from distance a chopper flew from distance and got closer and closer. Just when I thought moving on to something else after taking the second photo. I thought somebody important landed and everybody rushed from all direction (they ran!) to see what’s happening at the chopper.

Alright, there's the chopper.

Tourists ran to see the chopper

Only a patient arrived or being transferred in/out of the chopper. Everybody treated it as a phenomenon of some kind, shooting with their cameras and camcorders. At some point, I really thought they were witnessing an outer space UFO…So I guess it must be not too often for Mainlanders to see a chopper back at home. They were pretty excited, getting portraits taken with a chopper (in far distance) as background.

Seeing this flying object

4 thoughts on “A Flying Object

  1. Interesting. Maybe they also thought it was a celebrity being transferred? Or maybe they were tired of waiting for their next tour bus transfer? Or maybe they’re surprised to see a medical helicopter? Any which way you look at it, an interesting moment to watch and capture!

  2. Wow what an exciting experience. I’m always fascinated by tourists and what they find interesting about London. It’s funny, I once was photographing a random architectural detail that wasn’t obviously noteworthy or unique. I just liked it. It was quite small and just caught my eye at the time. After I walked away, I was fascinated to watch as others started to take interest in it and were scrutinising the area I was photographing, looking for my viewpoint haha!

    1. yes! i always do the same wonder what others are shooting. Most of the time they do not surprise me as I see it almost daily 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Lemonade.

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