Jiang Men (江門) – Part III: Walking through the Settlement


Statue of Luo Gui

Old fashion Chinese comic books

Ancestral plates




Natural spotlight


Liang Xi

Liang Xi

Liang Xi

Liang Xi

Engravement given by the emperor

Writing on wall




Papaya tree


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Continue my walk in the Liang Xi Settlement (良溪古村). There were temples, ancestral houses opened for visitors. I’d seen much of it already in Hong Kong. So I found walking through the village to be more interesting. This village has not been exploited by tourists. I do not see any souvenir shops or even restaurants. So you know how original this village is really still. It was very quiet as well. The only sound I heard was the motorbikes and dog barks.

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8 thoughts on “Jiang Men (江門) – Part III: Walking through the Settlement

    1. Thanks very much! I never knew the little details could catch my attention so much. I guess I have never had chance to travel or at least with a camera. Now I wish to travel more, see more in the future.

  1. I have really enjoyed this series. Interesting to see a different side of a place I once quickly drove through to get to Guangzhou when I was living in Zhuhai. Your family must live on the rural outskirts of Jiangmen? At least it looks like it from Part II’s photos.

    1. Thanks very much! My relatives actually lives in Jiang Men City where it USED to be just like what you see in Part II. Now, everything has changed. The beautiful side of what city people like about has gone. Hills and valleys have been flattened in order to build apartment buildings.

      I would like to see more integration of Hong Kong and China. Zhuhai and Guangzhou last time I checked on google map, it’s really near to each other. But perhaps it’s still a one country, two system overshadowing both places. Visiting there still seem aliened. I see Macau as a baby brother of Hong Kong and lesser of that aliened feeling.

      1. Well, then it will be very interesting if they ever complete that Zhuhai-Macau-Hong Kong bridge. It will change the whole feeling of a lot of places…and maybe not for the better. Cheers!

      2. I would like to see the bridge complete soon enough. The construction delay had slowed down lots of business trade opportunities as well as cultural exchange of the delta. 😉

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