Jiang Men (江門) – Part I: Not the same anymore


View from an apartment

My New Year’s Eves was spent on a short trip to Jiang Men, China. It could be summed up with a three things: The chill, warm tea, dangerous traffic. It was to celebrate my cousin/relatives’ new apartment with my family.

Power lines



It’s only 5ºC + windchill without heater anywhere. It’s as crazy as a cold night in downtown Chicago without the freeze, you get the idea!

My first day was spent in cars, apartments and restaurants. As much as I want to shoot photos, in a car through a window was all I could do. It’s just like I’ve imagined the night before departing from Hong Kong.

Warm Tea
Forget about Starbucks or your favorite café. Coffee is just not an average cup of tea for most mainland Chinese that lives in the suburb and rural region. A real cup of tea is everyone’s choice. I’d never had that much tea in my life (more than 20 party soda cups of tea all day). I do not recall my time spent in China during winter. Clearly, the cold kept me drinking then.

Dangerous Traffic
Whenever I traveled to my mom’s hometown Jiang Men, it gives me fresh look to the city. The rapid city development has turned the city into a property/real estate ‘gold mine’. I see lots of luxury apartments (not town houses or houses) being built. Jiang Men was never like that. The roads especially those at the center of the city is so clean. The trees that planted between are even better than in Hong Kong. I miss that! There’re still some places on the outskirt of the city are still missing traffic signal lights, there’s not a Yield or Stop sign… There was an intersection my uncle drove into, vehicles (motorcycles, heavy trucks, buses…) were not giving way all jammed in the middle and somehow they found the way through. I guess the traffic police is on leave as well…

Primary school



Beautiful clouds

Traffic in Jiang Men

My uncle told me China has plan to turn Jiang Men into a domestic headquarter for manufacturing LED lights. It’s not your average LED torch, but for the lightings for infrastructure. I’d seen many new parts of Jiang Men are using LEDs for their street lamps (it’s so bright!) and home domestic use. I think it’s a step closer to energy saving!

I got a chance to visit the countryside. Continue tomorrow for Part II.

5 thoughts on “Jiang Men (江門) – Part I: Not the same anymore

  1. Jiangmen was alright. They take advantage of being on the river by offering riverside seafood restaurants, plus there was a decent mall that had a dim sum food court on top…can’t remember which, but in hindsight that probably describes many malls in Guangdong…
    Did you go to Kaiping as well?

    1. You must travel a lot! Kaiping was on my to-go list, as a matter of fact the only place i wish to go nearby. But due to the tight schedule, we couldn’t arrange a visit. I should be able to go there next time if arrange our time better. This trip was solely visiting my mother’s relatives in Jiang Men.

      Many places in GuangDong, China are beautiful if we know where to go. And now the major railway connects to many cities.

      Thanks for dropping by. Happy New Year!

  2. Love this post! I go back to Enping from time to time and I just wish I bring my camera everytime I go back! My relatives warns me it’s really uncommon to see dSLR so they always advise me not to bring it..

    1. Thanks for checking out my posts, Jessica. I would advise you bring a smaller camera or even use just a phone if light is good. Any place out of the tourist zone is would make DSLR stand out. Your relatives give you a perfect shield when entering places which you’d not ever done alone. I really wish I had my camera phone ready. I was at a restaurant and a group staff were playing poker after the busy lunch hour.

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