Sunshine Stanley



Waiting to be togethered

Couple connected with photography



It was my first time bringing my X2 outside the city. The direct head-to-head sunshine added challenges when I shoot. I was literally observing/shooting blind. It greatly affected my visibility. I still remember last time when I do this type of landscape photography with my traded-in M4/3, it was over a year ago. I miss the PL filter and possibly an EVF.

To further tell about my trip, It’s my first time to have family members around to shoot candid photography. Yes, it sounded like I’d turned my precious family day into a photography outing. Bad idea, it’s too bad that I have my habit of observing and not having a moment missed. My family totally against me in doing candid photography.

Tin Hau Temple

Tin Hau Temple

Tin Hau Temple

Tin Hau Temple

Anyway, I’d just treat my family day as a little scouting to the South side of HK Island – Stanley Market. A cool escape from the city. It’s a perfect place to do my type of photography although it requires some bus travel. Along the bay, there are plenty of visitors, quite some open cafe/restaurants. Makes it possible to blend in better.

The Hanging Santa

Stone Pillars


Little Skateboarders

How much left

Story does not end here. I loved this new go-to place so much. I squeezed time to visit there again the following day, after my company’s Christmas party at noon. I had gone through the roller coaster-like bus ride again (if you ever visit Stanley, HK you’d know what I really mean). Our double decker bus drivers are seriously experienced to their tracks!

In the sun

Man in the sun

In the sun


The bay in Stanley Market

It was a lot less crowded than the day before. I became more obvious to be the lone photo taker. I think it was the insecure feeling that holding myself off and the lack of interesting subjects around. On the other hand I’ve to manage my time very well as I got a wedding dinner to attend to. Well, perhaps another time for even better photos 🙂

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