Much like a roller coaster – Part III


Winter leaves

Never end construction

(To Part II)

I always bring up the weight and bulk of a camera. X2 is what people so-called as a compact model. In fact it’s not all that compact if you’ve played or own the X1/X2. You’d know it’s considerably solid and heavy duty. That in return to a heavier body then the point & shoot compacts. It happens all the time when I had a bad day not coming up with photos at all. I put it all on the bulk, the weight, when the street is packed with people like the shopping districts of Hong Kong, lugging around with the X2 isn’t all that happy. You just wish what’s in your hand is a lighter piece of gear. FORGET IT!

Discontent banners on an abandoned shop


Charcoal chestnut

When a photographer do not trust in his/her gear, how good can he/she do in his/her work?? It doesn’t matter if we’re actually invisible, we just won’t do well with it. I’d found ways to bond with my camera. And recently I discovered another way by putting the camera right on my desk next to my mac. It does help me to love my camera more. At least, I’m visually attached to it 🙂

Was from Mainland 50 some years ago, now a happy man.

Lady in the shade

I always believe in space yields better creativity. A fair amount of space is a hyper-boost to allow inspiration sinks in. In contrary, A very crowded street is just not easy for creative photography. Most of everyone is walking (fast), It has to be done fast, well composed – despite of the messy narrow environment. Sometimes I just think slowing ourselves down by stepping aside, watching everyone passes by might offer me chance to observe the city life.

Dried seafood - scallop?

X'mas gear




At this point in time, the word ‘Money’ does not leave my head. It’s troublesome..The first photo of Part II had expressed my current feeling in personal life well. Just like a branch of leaves (being me) trapped between the barbed wires surrounded by all the cold, faceless, modern skyscrapers.

While photography cannot actually giving me an answer, I look at it as an assurance even only at my level. Anything I interested doing in life, I could follow my will and have it going. There’re challenges whether we decide to dodge it, face it or live it. We get to choose.

Everyone loves looking back, I’m no exception. I regret that I wasted so much money on camera gear this year. From Lumix and a couple of m4/3 lenses to FujiX100, to my current X2, It a heavy price to pay and get to what I want while I’m not financially able to fund for it. Now I could only look at it as a tuition fee i paid to carry on my life project.

3 thoughts on “Much like a roller coaster – Part III

  1. I hope you feel better soon, you seem a little despondent. The investments you have made this year have yielded some really interesting projects. You are after all, experimenting and exploring your style. I agree, lugging a heavy camera around can by off-putting. The best photography I ever did, was with my old film camera, a simple Minolta SLR. It was bigger than any of the compact cameras, but it was in a lovely leather case and just fit into my work bag among all the other things. I kept it on me at all times so that I could take it out if I took a detour home from work or I was going into town to meet friends. It was my trusty companion and I miss it. It is in hibernation because the investment to use it is just too great for me now – it is not easy to find a good film developer for amateurs like me. Everyone uses digital and you can’t just pop into a shop and find a good roll of film. I guess looking back though, DSLR’s and any of the digital camaras now, are so much more expensive than my film habit. I used to rummage through the expired rolls of film in my favourite photo shop and pick up bargains to play with different films. Oh the good old days 😉

    1. Yes. i found the digital gear made me sick. i think as a newcomer in the.modern age. I learned basically everything myself through the web and myself. it’s making guys like me so vulnerable after seeing someone uses, review, sponsor, market certain cameras. the lack of formal training in photo processing software had made me thought a good camera would produce the best colors, quality, finest film simulation. None of them holds the truth. it really all came from how dedicate the user is in photography. Even with a ricoh compact camera it’s possible to shoot portraits off strangers and time and time again gave me excitement and satisfaction. i think if i ever teach anyone photography, i’d ask the students to marry a camera. Shoot all the photos with one and only one camera for a year before think about switching to another. One must learn to love their tool. i do appreciate your effort in keeping your minolta alive ;p

      Purchasing the X2 was a bit of an impulsive move. I still do not regret after all. It doesn’t matter how much a camera cost, if we don’t use it is a waste.

      You may consider a Fuji Instax. It’s getting popular. And it develops by itself ;D

      Or else digital is the only way to continue your hobby. Thanks for reading, Lemonade.

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