Much like a roller coaster – Part II



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I like describing photography cycle as a roller coaster. There are certainly highs, for sure; there’re also the lows. Nevertheless, the process and cycle are continual. The only factor that affects the ‘loop’ is how much time we give to it, that determines how big or how small our loops are.

Back alleyway



I can’t tell whether I’m not interested in shooting photos during the day or simply i like the dark sky and city lights. I know my day job prevents me from shooting when there’s daylight. I squeezed time to do a few photo runs at my lunch breaks last week. It’s short and intense. I managed to pull off with shots that I’d never thought of. Last week I even spent 3 lunch breaks just to shoot photos. All in all, it’s good experience. As far as I remember, I could not recall when’s the last time I had a good day shooting during the day apart from my lunch breaks. I’m loving the low ISOs photographs.

Cigarette break

Old friends

So you know my experience with the X2 is almost all happening in the evening. My ISO setting goes as high as 6400 and sometimes even at 12500 when necessary. The key to produce images is not keeping the ISO as low as possible, it’s to keep my images as in focus as possible.

Old Walled Buildings at Quarry Bay

Parental care

Street of Shau Kei Wan

Model doll


I found traveling out of district not really helping my photography. I may see new places, new things, and that do not directly multiply to my photos. I’d spend less time travel just do what I can near where I work and live. It’s challenging to find my subjects/materials at the same district almost daily. I wander the same park, same streets, same bridges…But then the other photographers had done the same. It’s totally possible to come up with new fresh looks every time. It’s a skill to learn from the masters.

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5 thoughts on “Much like a roller coaster – Part II

  1. Lovely photographs, and interesting text you wrote! I really like your photography because you have managed to capture mundane everyday life in your environment ever so vividly. Somehow, your photos ‘live’ -they move, they are not static – and that’s what makes your photos so intriguing.

    I also like the first photo, I don’t really know what it is you photographed, and it makes me feel a bit confused: but that’s what I like about it. You really got eye for those abstract things too. Good for you!

    Kind Regards,

    Josefina Apollonia

    1. Thank you for your kind comment, Josefina. I like starting off my set with photos like these, that is confused. That sets the tone for the rest of my photos as well and more or less reflect my actual confused feelings to the society, my uncertainty to my job and career, …

      The first photo is actually a barbed wire on a former prison wall in the city. On the barbed wire, there’s a branch of leaves and upon the sky in a macro scale, it’s surrounded by the modernized city skyscrapers. I think it resembles my feelings that I’m being trapped between the wire looking out to the city, however do not know where to begin. Others may not see it this way, but I precisely knew how close it means to me. That’s what caught my eye.

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