Much like a roller coaster – Part I


New apartment buildings

Same seat

Buddhist painting

My past 3 weeks can be described as a ‘roller coaster’ ride. It’s very typical for an enthusiast finding difficulties seeing enough interesting things and materials for photo inspiration. I’d started this series from zero. It took me 3 weeks to gather enough frames i liked. I finally uploaded to my PC for developing.

Afternoon activity


Young souls watching the seaview

It’s always nice to look back my work from time to time. Especially with a relatively new camera X2 had already been with me for 2 and a half months. I brought it to my business trip in Macau with only 2 weeks of brief familiarization after purchase. If you ask me again, was that preparation enough? No way. I screwed on quite a few shots that could be potentially good ones. If I got a chance to do it again now, I can confidently say – I’m a lot more ready.

In love

We are family

Like many others, I did not see a light at the end of a tunnel; on my first few short outings. I also had doubts to myself, why persist without an auto-focus that I was used to already? why adjust my distance from 28mm to 35mm? I could not even answer myself but to accept the fact that ‘because I already made up my mind to stick with the X2 since day 1’. It’s a commitment I kept until this day. I believe it’s also the only way to continue, not only because of the camera; but for a bigger picture – for my photography.

Old man


Torn poster pictures

Back home

The reward I wish to get is always satisfaction. Satisfaction to myself. As long as I’m happy, there’s just no way of stopping it.

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