Screw the weather


It’s odd to have rain in winter here. Historically there wasn’t any, not for a whole week.
Funky Dude


Not a deadly bus crash


I was having this thought when I had a chance going from one camera to another during the week.

$600 camera, $600 photo. Then a $2000 camera, $2000 photo?

Walking Cat

My table

Where's mom

Indonesian ladies


Follow the signal

We all know the answer is ‘No!’. Deep inside me, it’s always echoing me to shoot photos that worth the price. It’s one of the reasons I liked the idea of using one camera. I just won’t compare.

This set contains photos from my GRD, shot from the end of September to this month. Here and there…especially when it feels like raining..


5 thoughts on “Screw the weather

    1. Appreciate your comment! It’s not easy for me to keep up either. Like you said, winter makes people lazy…i guess what’s important is to at least go out even just for a stroll in town or grab a coffee at a cafe. Thanks. Alan.

  1. I love #2 and #3 just because I love patterns like that. The picture of the cat is amazing though – it’s so interesting. It makes me think of how my friends’ cats behave – cats unlike dogs, can be quite arrogant creatures I find. They can start to dictate their owners’ lives if they are not careful. That picture describes to me, how some of my friends become dwarfed by their cats’ demands haha 🙂

    1. I’m definitely learning through my way this year and there’s just a lot more to explore. Just one or two at a time.

      I like cats. Used to spend a few years with my aunt that had a cat. Very arrogant kind of creature, you’re absolutely right, no doubt as they grow old. The young cats over 1-2 year old are most fun to play with.

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