Something else worth looking


Rain and gloominess continues…

Rainy night
I think “street” photographers can be sometimes too constrained to the people and happenings in public spaces. You walk by the same street and could be not shooting anything if nothing interests you at all (depend on the duration spend on the street).  Just like our appetite, eating the same dishes at the same restaurant can be very boring unless you stir things up.
Construction markings on stairs
My recent photos with a phone had shown myself what I’d been missing. It’s easy to look at things, I pass by textures, patterns, colors that I never have second thoughts on them. It surprised me last time when I took a stroll and get my lazy meal at McDonald’s; I found opportunities for a few shots even late at night 11pm…After all, our phones are less likely to get damaged by rain water.
Stickers removed
Weight myself
The square photos fit in nicely in every way. There’s no distraction other than the center object. There’s a whole lot of advantages with the 1:1 dimension (no orientation, not a fixed rule in composition, facilitate a stronger subject..).

I guess that’s precisely what I want to do lately other than protecting my cameras from the rain. There were other things worth looking at despite of the strange weather.

Today is the first day in weeks I see blue skies. So until the next rainy day…
Almost Christmas
The photos were meant to be polaroid like (fake). So I have not spent a second processing them. 

4 thoughts on “Something else worth looking

  1. I love the photos! The kind of things I love looking at all the time. My problem is that I can often get so bogged down with taking photos I barely get anywhere and forget to enjoy the experience! Hope the blue skies last for a bit longer this time. We have miserable weather in London too! :S

    1. Appreciate it. I would imagine weather in London would be cold, misty, and perhaps snowy. Bad weather can depress city people.

      You are absolutely right. Anything we do must enjoy. It’s life experience.

      1. Well today, I’m enjoying the fluffy clouds and sunshine. It’s cold, but not misty. It’s bright. That’s London weather too – very changeable. You are right, city people are very affected by the weather. We had snow on Wednesday I think it was, then rain, followed by today, clouds, cold and sun. I like today’s weather 🙂

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