The usual places


Afternoon view of Victoria Habor

Afternoon nap club


Keep clear from the playground

Very important letter

Deep thinker

Photos are from my archive of the past month or two. I still have not venture out of the usual spots I go for photography. I have not gone out of my comfort zone yet, have I? Am I missing the clear blue sky on a sunny day? Or is it a sign of tiredness? Whatever way I put it, I’ve still managed to gone out despite a painful experience with a pair of dressed shoes on last saturday. It peeled of the skin of my ankle good. If it wasn’t for my high school classmate’s wedding ceremony I wouldn’t wear it. It still hurts, ouch!

My feeling toward the places I visit often is not diminishing. With a camera in my hand, everything looks fresh again. I’m getting more comfortable with my distance in zone focusing at night. I got down to f3.2 and still able to get reasonably sharp images. A few photos each and every day well pays off.

I’d been watching the British series Sherlock Holmes. The videography is top notch. Perhaps I’m also learning from it. I got attracted to all their photography, besides all the humor they put up (I enjoy it). Absolutely amazing drama overall.

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