The 2 seconds window to the world


The cold, rain, clouds, all that multiplies into a dreadful overcast day. Moreover, the sun sets early in winter. This makes me slowly enter to a hibernating state…literally.


Star Ferry docking

All that laziness bugs me day and night. There are times I just want to stop, hold and pause. That is to give myself a break and enjoy the moment. Surrounding by all all the year end Christmas does want me to indulge. I only want to casually shoot and embrace the moment. Maybe I’ve lost my guts, maybe I’m after another type of photo. I’m sure our fashion and trend change from season to season has a reason, same token to my photography. I must not be worrying about this change. I should welcome it instead.

Full of wonders

Victoria Harbor

It was a perfect timing or a complete accident to spark myself to look into mobile photography again. I never hang my camera on my neck. It’s no surprise that I keep my camera in bag while commuting or just when I’m not at the place shooting. It’s this little girl (Photo 3) with all the wonders on a ferry through the window reminded me if everything clicks in a frame, it’d work out no matter what camera is in your hand. So there I was, I pulled my phone out and made the shot.

Men suit

Somebody's dinner

I tried to let myself into mobile photography. It wasn’t the first time I had that motive. I evaluated my photography, specs of my phone, photos I get from my phone. It could only remain my ‘play’ camera. The 2 seconds shutter delay isn’t easy. My ‘play’ camera does its job well enough in most still shots especially during the day. I love the 1:1 dimension. There’s very little distraction. What’s in the frame is what I attempt to express. Nothing more, nothing less.


Gloves of a guard

I wish apps like Hipstamatic or anything equivalent would arrive Android one day. Android would be a lot better off if there’re more high-end apps. Instagram is a good start. I want to see more down the road.

Yesterday I discovered Hipstamatic has their own digital magazine – Snap Magazine. It’s professionally published with loads of mobile photography you would imagine, plus their exclusive interviews on the photographers, food, artists, wines and whatnot. Whether you shoot with a phone or iPhone, or even conventional cameras; it’s a nice source for photography. I have already read two issues. It’s great. Best thing is, it’s completely free and with back issues up til their debut in June 2012. I thought I was never going to use my sister’s 1st Gen iPad. I never knew reading magazine on an iPad is this great. Never say never!!!

10 thoughts on “The 2 seconds window to the world

  1. I like the title of your post “The 2 seconds window to the world”! Always love your b&w snapshots. I’ve send a roll of b&w film to be developed. Can’t wait to see the results. Crossing my fingers.

    1. Thank you! Sleepwalking! Those are my toy around shots that i like and why not an update on my blog.

      black and white on film can only be good. Look forward to seeing shots from your recent travel. It’s going to be a change to see b&w from you!

  2. I am leaving your beautiful city tonight. It’s a pity that I haven’t had the chance to do more photography or explore more nooks and crannies on my visit. The weather has been incredibly strange and I have been feasted on by mosquitoes so I have plenty of scars on my as souvenirs of my visit! I have been in an hibernating state all day too as the misty rain has been floating past the window almost incessantly. There has barely been any light today!

    1. Yes, Lemonade. it’s incredibly annoying as a tourist who only wish to have a good time. I guess it’s the monsoon thing in the entire southern China. I got frustrated as well…so you know my feelings were expressed in writing!

      You must be wearing shorts! When it’s wet, there could be mosquitoes…

      I’m glad you visited Hong Kong. How was it? And where have you visit? Any chance to drop by Macau?

      1. Hi Alan, no I wasn’t wearing shorts, and I covered up my arms too… but they started off by biting right under my chin 😦

        I love Hong Kong although this time the experience was mixed. I did go to Macau for one night. It was very interesting, I hope to have more time to explore in future 🙂

    1. Thanks Maly! That ‘Full of Wonders’ photo was the first cellphone photo I shot that I really found compelling in every way. It turned out exactly the way I wanted. Since then, I’d been tempting to shoot more with my phone.

      A fellow WP blogger recently visited Hong Kong too. 🙂

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