Dissecting the mood, reflecting on productivity.


Every once in a while you get to use different cameras to shoot photos (extensively) with, it can be a brand new camera, used camera, your backup camera, or even your camera phone. The way how a camera handles, how it feels in hand, the mentality on how you use it greatly affects on the images you wish to make.

When I’m using my Ricoh, I feel like a complete idiot. A typical point and shoot compact camera look with an optical viewfinder, making me look like I’m onto something while shooting with it. It’s the stupidity that let go my obstacles which I found myself very comfortable with it other than the camera design itself.

And then there’s my cellphone camera, I use it as my ultimate backup camera. It’s the only camera I’d dare using in pouring rain. It was also my go-to camera for instagram (I gave it up). Last time I used it was at the museum, it’s a nice casual camera when with friends. Not a flashy/showy camera after all when friends or even colleagues are around. And yet, It feels very personal.

(It’s an old photo taken in April 2012 with my phone)

Finally, my Leica X2.
It’s new but I know how it handles very well due to my experience with a rangefinder-like camera – X100. They are similar in many ways. They’re both 35mm (36mm on X2), get to zone focus in most situation. In a way, it’s also similar with the GRD – the optical viewfinder experience, how I switch between LCD and OVF. The X2 is not a completely new animal to me.

I’m still trying to figure out why I feel hesitate so much in making shots.

Is the camera looking too serious? Perhaps.
Is the camera relatively heavier/thicker, slowing down my lifting action when bring it to my eye? Yes, but it’s not a vital cause.
Is the zone focusing method kind of limiting my distance? A little. But AF is just two clicks away!
Am I afraid to be a Leica owner and not shooting good photos with it? No, never. I’m what I’m, I see and interpret the world my way. But when I think of it, a little. While, when I use my Ricoh, I think differently; I actually want to show how good I could make use of it.
I do not want crappy photos to be in my Leica camera?Applies to all my cameras.

I’m currently jiggling with ‘I like my X2 a lot’ and ‘Is the X2 helping me to get my shots’? It’s a mental block I’m having that requires me to get through. My doubt on pairing myself and X2 has been decreasing my productivity greatly. Only I’m not realizing whether subjects on the street worth capturing. Plus, lately my mood is not too opened-up due to some unsolved office political conflict with personnel+worry+tiredness at my day job. My solution: being lifted and happy contributes to good photography. Photography is also a reflection on the photographer’s mind. Anything to keep ourselves mentally in shape 🙂

X2 is repaired and took just 1 day!! Parts were being replaced, including sensor, lens(?), leather…
Thank god my camera could be fixed locally. And yes, the ridiculous line on my images are now gone.

3 thoughts on “Dissecting the mood, reflecting on productivity.

    1. So at least i know AF on my GRD had helped me a lot. Anything i do with my X2 is different from the GRD. I think it’s better to put it this way:

      i’m not fully utilizing it. I’m not enjoying the ‘freedom’ with it like I’m using the GRD. I see more hit rates on the GRD then the X2.

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