Hunting In Between



The Siu Mei guy

The napping security guards

Noodle shop

Street mirror

The little Bruce Lee wannabe

Clown in the street mirror


Become one

Resting in seperate way

A special message


The Mourning Ceremony of the 10.1 boat wreck

In the shadow

The older generation - Chinese chess game

The younger generation - International chess game

Small talk, small education

The overjoy little tourist

Bold man

About this series
Hunting in between has several meanings behind it – In between the Victoria Harbor, in between the reflections, In between the window…

It’s also in-between – prior/post to my Macau business trip. I certainly have not learnt much from my trip. So my mental state remains the same, only I’m just not as proactive in hunting my shots.

Doing this monthly series is like solving a puzzle. I want certain events or festivals to be included in the month. I also want to incorporate new elements to my photos, such as shooting through windows which i have not yet done extensively, etc.

At last but not least, I decided to have these photos posted as a series due to the sensor issue on my X2. I have a feeling (worst case – ship it to Germany for service) I won’t be using it for months. It’s also an in-between period prior to bringing my X2 for service.

That’s a lot of in between, right?

Bikers on the Halloween day.

4 thoughts on “Hunting In Between

    1. The two photos of the old and young playing chess are both contrasting. Two different chess played by two completely different generation. Thanks KUM!

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