New Season, New Look, Same me.

Photography, Update

I’d been wanting to have a makeover on my blog, that is changing up the look and feel of it. My goal of this makeover is to establish a cleaner, refined look to the readers which would not go crazy on the eye or to be less distracted. That’s one thing I wanted to accomplish on my blog for a while after getting influence from the art galleries around.

The core content stays the same. I also want to re-organize my blog by simplifying the menu and widgets (Your suggestions are very welcome!). I’ll start categorizing them to at least two main ones (photo series, guides/philosophy). It’s a good time to start as I don’t have a long list of archive yet.

You’ll still be able to find my favorite posts and projects from the Navigation menu on the left. It’s going to be an ongoing update not necessarily replacing the old ones, but the worthy ones can be found there.

I hope this change would also encourage me to keep the organization of content as neat as possible too.

The overjoy little tourist

Currently still going through the 1 min auto LCD off timer issue on my camera. Besides that, I’m still gathering up photos for a proper series other than the one from my Macau trip. It’s taking more time than I thought to get used to the new focal 36mm. I can really get the candid shots by stepping back, however my legs tend to move closer to my subjects than my brain says. I’m not finding interesting enough materials after work either, it’s too mundane in Hong Kong i guess? I’ll give myself a little more time.

In the photo, not too bad of an idea to shoot wide open f2.8 with AF early in the evening. Background is not entirely blurred out 🙂

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