3 Nights in Macau – Episode III: Late night exploration


The Cross of the St. Anthony's Church

So i really thought i was going to call it a night after an exhausting day of work. I could hardly lift my legs and spent half an hour planning if i should go anywhere. This little struggle was settled after my in-depth thinking of the opportunity i would miss for the night. It’s obvious that i did not have enough time to spend on the street. I told myself i’m not done with photographing Macau yet. At least not even shots that i expected prior to my trip. If i don’t do it, there’s probably not another time. I would deeply regret.

This drive had motivated me to explore. I might encounter surprises. This motivation gave myself a fresh pair legs to walk for more than 1 hour.

I started my walk at 10:30pm by taking taxi to the Central Post Office. It’s near the one of the most important landmarks in Macau – Senado Square.

Text conversation

Residential building


Paper fish



Old Tree


Ruins of St Paul's


Fountain at the Senado Square




I’ve never done any photography this late, not even in Hong Kong. There’s basically not much to shot with, a lot less chance to have interesting subjects, only urban landscape to capture. It was still fine as it’s new to me. I walked up the hill and found plenty of narrow passages led to the residential area. It’s quiet but I knew for sure I was safe.


Traffic Police


Rua da Felicidade

Father & Son

Street Stall


Shop window

There were many colonial architecture along the main street. I just love it. I wish there’s more going on. All I could do was pretty much what you see in my photos. There were some street stalls selling street food such as dim sum, sweet dessert soup, herbal tea…

Next up tomorrow, a post to conclude my trip in Macau.

3 thoughts on “3 Nights in Macau – Episode III: Late night exploration

  1. Nice photographs but I wonder how you managed with the slow shutter speeds at night. Even at iso 3200, many times I have to stretch it with my GRD IV at f1.9.

    1. i actually got no choice but to shoot with iso6400 either wide open or f3.2.

      As long as i got what i want, noise isn’t too much of any issue. Slow shutter speed wasn’t as bad as i would have thought. I was shooting under a light post or with fair amount of light source.

      thanks for checking out, Juergen.

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