3 Nights in Macau – Episode II: Crash the party


Cruising in town

Macau Tower

Back to Episode I and Episode 0 if you haven’t read them yet.

Can you recall any of your perfect timing incident ever occur to you on the top of your head? I could recall just 1 perfect timing incident in my life. This Festival da Lusofonia (Portuguese Speaking Festival) will be my second incident i’d remember for the lifetime. I came to Macau for a business trip and it also overlapped with this exciting party event here.

Waiting for food at a roadside Cafe

It’s part of the routine to have Portuguese dinner during our stay in the first few days. After that, some colleagues and I walked to the festival nearby. I LOVE the walking in the streets of Macau. There’s so much to it. Now I wonder why photographers love traveling to foreign countries for their work. I’d very much love to do so and get more comfortable doing it out of my home.

Kid wants to play while family is chatting

The Party

Country representative?

If you ask whether i would enjoy alone at this carnival? I would most probably answer: nope, i became the minority all of a sudden. Would I be seeing exciting new culture: Yes. I was told that most visitors are actually locals (from many different countries! Yes!)

The festival takes place at the Taipa houses of museum. The location has a spectacular view. There is a huge pond right by it bringing in the nice cool breeze. The Festival is free to enter. Underaged visitors can pay $10 mop for a cup of Limenade. And adults can enjoy a cool cup of Portuguese drinks called Caipirinha. That costs a lot more…MOP$30.

Kids in a tram - Festival da Lusofonia

Festival da Lusofonia

Festival da Lusofonia


Brazil booth

I’m not a party person. I do not dance or anything. With a drink and simply walking around does pay off in the end. Not to mention the music at the stage. I have no frigging idea we in Hong Kong can’t ever hold simple concerts at this kind of plaza outdoor. It’s the best kind of free entertainment that’s accessible for anyone.

There are so many other Portuguese speaking countries in the world. All i know was Brazil. Now i know there is at least 8 countries that speaks Portuguese which the organizer has invited.

Kick back and relax

Music and dance

Festival da Lusofonia



I spent close to 2 hours there. It really felt like only 1 hour. Macau has done an excellent job in maintaining the historic buildings and sites. They even open them to public where everyone can touch, breath and experience. I told my Portuguese colleague that my hours spent there was magnificent. I felt like i visited Europe. No really, i mean it!

Table soccer


I really wish there’s a different me so i could fully enjoy at the festival and hangout with the Portuguese. I came back with a question why am i not a Portuguese?

Back in the hotel reviewing photos from my camera, I missed certain type of shots. It was also weird working my shots my friends are around near the performance stage at the plaza. I totally missed all the party dancing part. I think it’s something I’ve to work on in the future, to overcome the ‘weirdoness’ when doing candid photography with friends.

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