Clueless, out searching for the invisible me.


Early Autumn Leaves

Fallen Bird

Early Sunset

Happy Kids - Mid Autumn Festival at VIctoria Park

Make a wish - Mid Autumn Festival at VIctoria Park

Giant Illuminated Structure - Mid Autumn Festival at VIctoria Park

Lanterns inside the Giant Globe Structure

Head Home

This set comes from the holiday during the Mid-Autumn Festival at the end of September. All taken with GRD.

Many of you have noticed. I had not done any ‘in your face’ type of close up street photography. I want to be invisible. I want to capture people and things without alarming  anyone. I could run up to just about anyone to get the street portrait. I found I’m not getting the interaction of the people and the environment, in other words i want to put it,  the harmony from them. This set is more about me searching and seeing things. Only a shot or two has to do with the subject interacting with their surroundings. It’s cool to have a few ‘in your face’ shots in my series once in a while. Just not unless it’s absolutely necessary all the time.

By all means, I may still be invisible at the time I’m standing right in front of my subject. With the right timing, direction, distraction, we could pull this off still.

To be invisible, it’s all about learning about your positioning (blend in the crowd, approach from the side, etc). Be calm at all time, very calm. Just as if you’re not shooting your subject (with a little acting). The more you try, the more sucesses you’d do. Everyone has their way of doing it.

My tip is to be clueless. Blank. By not thinking about anything, you’d just focus on what’s in the frame regarding the distance whether near or far from your subject. Anything happen after the shot is not relevant. It becomes history, either you get the shot or miss it. It doesn’t matter. Keep the cycle and rhythm going.

Headed out shooting on saturday. It was not a pleasant day i must say. I was very disappointed with the auto LCD off timer on my X2. Yes, it continued to bug me. With a little struggle and some slow down on my daily captures, plus this BS 1 min (or 30 sec) LCD off timer. I missed shots. (For those who do not know, the LCD off timer would put the X2 on standby mode which requires waking it up prior shooting). How am I going to get ready when something suddenly shows up in front of me?

I was frustrated enough, I stayed home the day after. Rather than sitting on my butt, I had sent an email to the Leica Customer Service. The odds of getting my message across to the right department is questionable. At least I’d done my best to hopefully get a firmware fix very soon.

I’m VERY surprised that none of the online camera reviewers have not pointed this out YET. It might be my self pity clumsiness as well as my poor english not catching that in their comprehensive reviews.

Am I missing my Fuji X100?
For the auto LCD off reason. Yes…I would have waited until the next firmware updates, so that I could still use the X100 in my business trip to Macao. I believe in fate. If I ended up with the X2, I must either overcome for now and meanwhile wait for the future firmware update.

Now I’m deciding between X2 and GRD. I’m sure the GRD would do just perfectly fine. But I want to take this chance (5 days, 4 evenings), to allow myself discover and pursuit the beauty of Macao with the best quality from Leica. It’d also be an excellent opportunity to put myself in the shoe as a photographer, sort of? I’m anxious to see if I could be able to pull this off with a little patience handling the camera. Am I willing to take risks of missing shots? While my subconscious mind is telling me to go with the camera I trust the most.

I got 3 more days to decide…


10 thoughts on “Clueless, out searching for the invisible me.

    1. it is. but it’s also part of the fun. I do believe with time and practice, one can actually be invisible. And perhaps Human behavioral study too? thanks for reading Renchick.

  1. Alan, I just finished checking out most of the photos on this post at Flickr. Comments made as always. I have to admit, looking at your images, the way you frame etc, I never wonder what camera you used.
    I’m sorry if I’m missing something, I just like the photos.

    1. yes. thank you for your kind comments. It is not my strongest photos but they’re sure meaning something to me during that festive holiday. Others would perceive it quite differently.

      I feel like doing updates with post, so here we have ~ an update.

  2. Not everyone can take a Bill Cunningham approach to street photography, and I think your style is more appealing anyways.

    1. Thank you, James. I think perhaps what i need to do, is to spend more time shooting. I had not been traveling out of town lately. I hope I’ll come up with cool stuff during my business trip.

  3. Beautiful stark contrasts with the black and white. The sky and then lanterns, very interesting photos. I also love the shadow. In a way, I guess that shows the invisibility if the street photographer 😉 Keep working at it, I like your photos – they have a certain quality about them, I guess there is integrity in the work because it’s your style rather than you trying to copy another photographer’s style. And you’re working to improve on that style. Great!

    1. I have not been flipping on photo books for two months. Perhaps that explains? 😛

      When i spot a scene, i do it my way instead of trying to copy another one’s. I hope that would lead me somewhere too.

      Thanks for dropping me a line. Always good to hear for you!

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