A Night at The Museum


Terracotta head

The special exhibition of the Terracotta (The Eternal Realm of China’s First Emperor). It’s part of the celebrating programs of the 15h anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong S.A.R. It features 120 artifacts from China.

Although photography without flash is allowed, I do not feel it’s appropriate to photograph with my X2 (especially I was with friends). So I left my X2 in my bag, instead I pull out my Galaxy S2 phone. Knowing this series has nothing to with street photography, I treated it as a personal photo diary.

Miniture Qin Palace

Clay Toy


Terracotta Warrior

Terracotta Warrior

Kneeled Terracotta Warrior



A Sitted Terracotta

Terracotta missing parts

Miniture series model of the making of Terracotta

A personal story
With photography in mind, it’s already become part of my life. It doesn’t matter what camera I use. The crappy quality did not bother me from shooting from the beginning to the end. It was an experience to remember. Moreover, I just do not see myself could financially fund any of my trips abroad any time soon in my life. My family do not like the idea of traveling abroad especially my mom. It’s being considered a luxurious activity. Save a few more bucks for grocery, will ya? Hmm…

All my friends have traveled all over southeast asia. They either travel with their friends or family. It makes me so darn jealous whenever someone travel. I just can’t do anything but say ‘have a nice trip and get me souvenir!’. Lame?

I visited the museum at 9pm. I’d never visited any museum this late. I do not think any museum opens this late. It must be the special program. The rest of the museum section was not open anyway. It was a nice little visit and hangout with friends for the night.

5 thoughts on “A Night at The Museum

  1. Alan, forget the camera and processing crapola….
    Your framing is awesome. I’ve been stuck on this thread for over 20 minutes studying all the photos.

    No excuses about a camera my friend, if ya have an eye…well…you have an eye!

    1. Thanks Don. I got fasinated by this type of exhibits -terracotta, since primary school. Seeing it the first time is just incredible.

      I would have have the photos taken with a grd if it was with me however.

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